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Preparing For Advent

Advent is just around the corner and we must prepare for it not only in the ritualistic/holy day sense, but spiritually.  Every Catholic family should try their best to set up an advent wreath in a prominent location in their home.

This could be the family room, reading room, recreation room etc.  The advent wreath is a sacramental that reminds us of Christ and His coming 2,000 + years ago as well as His second coming which can happen at any hour.

Families should gather around the advent wreath, read Scripture, the Church’s teachings on Christ and his Incarnation as well as the reflections of the Church Fathers and saints regarding the coming of Christ.  Dinner shouldn’t be the only time a family gets together.  Prayer is extremely important to the stability and health of the family.  As Bl. Mother Teresa said, “The family that prayers together, stays together.”

Gathering around the advent wreath is also a great time to discuss the faith and issues surrounding it in the world.  Kids can ask questions, older ones can voice their ideas or disagreements and start a discussion on faith.  Evangelization starts at home.

Here are some links to help you get started:





Religious Freedom vs Twitter II

UPDATE To my original post Religious Freedom vs Twitter.

Twitter deleted my tickets requesting the restoration of my accounts and the accounts of others affected. I made it clear that we are being falsely reported and provided evidence. Instead, the person in charge (@ikejanes) of the ticket deleted it after I mentioned that the Catholic league and media were notified.  This is unprofessional.

I notified the media and the Catholic League and am waiting for their response. My hope is the media will do a story on this and force Twitter to restore the Catholic accounts affected and will target the real abusers.

In the meantime, please take screen shots and save links showing abusive tweets from anti-catholics etc. The more there is, the more I can show twitter that this is not an isolated incident and that anti-catholics use their network to harass, abuse and threaten Catholics.  Also, save tickets where you reported abusive behavior and Twitter support did nothing.  This will show that Twitter support is bias and only listens to a particular group and its complains while ignoring others.

I ask all Catholics and those who have enjoyed my tweets to contact Twitter and voice your complaint against this attack on religious freedom.

Please contact support at support.twitter.com/forms and inform them to restore my accounts as well as the accounts of other Catholics falsely accused of abuse.

Flood Tweets to: @brucedaisley@dickc, @ikejanes @twitter and @support and tell them to restore our accounts and stop the attack on Catholic free speech on their network. The more Catholics and others message, the better. There is power in numbers. Flood twitter with your support for religious freedom.

Also write to Twitter’s office:

Twitter, INC
340 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10017

Please get thousands to contact twitter and tweet to these above accounts. I will be writing a letter to Twitter directly and will send them copies of all my tweets, the tweets of other accounts effected as well as the abusive tweets and accounts of atheists and other anti catholics. They will see the evidence and will hopefully realize who are the real abusers. The media will also receive the same information. I will ask several networks to do a story on this so as to pressure Twitter to do something about it.

Thanks and God bless!

Critique of “Revising Our Attitude To Sex as Christianity Fades”

Lot and company flee Sodom & Gomorrah

Suspended twitter atheist troll “Rubicondior” is at it again posting nonsensical hyperbole by splicing surveys and statistics in order to conform with his inferences.  


In his post, “Revising Our Attitude To Sex as Christianity Fades,” “Rosa” claims that Christianity is fading and that the “openness” of sexuality is increasing which he posits as a good thing.  


Are these claims true?  Let’s see the facts:



Christianity is Fading


This is a claim many atheists like to throw around which is not true.  While there are churches that are closing and struggling to keep a congregation, this does not mean the religion they house is fading.  Many church buildings were built in the past to accommodate immigrants and others, so it is not uncommon to see 10 church buildings within a few blocks of each other.  With the introduction of abortion and contraception, future generations are getting smaller and smaller.  Because of this, the many church edifices that exist are no longer necessary because there aren’t people to fill them up unless we reverse the irrational laws that allow abortion and contraception. In short, people are not having enough babies to continue next generations.  


This decrease in church attendance has nothing to do with religion itself, but due to social circumstances.  Many European nations are struggling to keep an economy because of this.  There aren’t enough people to contribute to the economical system.  The United States of America is facing the same challenge. Without kids, who will continue a nation, a culture etc?  


Christianity is not going to disappear.  On the contrary, studies show that religion is increasing while atheism is on the decline.  I’m assuming that “Rosa” is basing his conclusion on a recent comment made by the church of England’s leader. (see: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/nov/24/church-of-england-see-itself)  However, other reports claim the church of England to be “stabilizing.” (see: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-22426144)


While the church of England may be struggling, this does not mean all of Christianity is struggling. Catholicism is still the dominant religion on Earth and has seen increases throughout the world, even in the United Kingdom. (see: http://www.nationalcouncilofchurches.ushttp://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1573452/Britain-has-become-a-Catholic-country.html)


In my opinion, the church of England is struggling because of the way it waters down Christian theology and values as they have been taught by the Catholic Church since she was founded by Christ Jesus.  People want a religion that challenges them to change and go against their vices, not a church that encourages vices and immorality.  Who needs a church that doesn’t believe anything is sinful anymore?  Who needs a gym that encourages gluttony and sloth instead of hard work, exercise, discipline and a change of bad habits?  




Attitude of Sex Revision


“Rosa” relies on a survey (http://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736%2813%2962035-8/abstract) to base his ideas that people are more open to “experimenting” and hence, there is more happiness and freedom.  Is this true?  Does looking at sex as a mere pastime where we find a partner of any gender to use as a toy make our lives better and “freer?”  Let’s look at the facts:


First, a survey is never 100% accurate.  Surveys can be sent to specific people to get specific replies. This can and will lead to bias.  I laugh at surveys that claim the majority of Catholics are against the Pope knowing that I and others were never given such a survey and that the ones who answered them were non-catholics or non-practicing catholics.  Conclusions are then made based on these biased surveys.  Similarly, any psychology student is taught that surveys are not 100% perfect, and that they are difficult to use when preparing an ANOVA statement with Tukey’s HSD. For those who do not know the latter, they are statistical formulations used in studies and research to determine correlation, causation, increases, decreases etc.  


“Rubicondior” writes:


So, now our increasing rejection of Christian guilt-ridden censoriousness over sex has allowed the subject of sex out of the closet, we are becoming more adventurous, more willing to experiment and more likely to be sexually fulfilled. At the same time we are becoming more conscious of the need to be more considerate, more tolerant and above all more mindful of the fact that our sexual activities can actually be harmful to others. All in all, a kinder, more considerate and more caring society than that formerly imposed on us by an exclusively male, and often sexually repressed, predatory, even paedophilic, clergy.


Again, “Rubicondior” is posting nonsensical hyperbole along with religious hate.  No one is rejecting Christianity or any “guilt-ridden” ideas.  In fact, Islam in some cases is replacing Christianity in Europe.  Islam is far stricter with sexuality than Christianity.  (see: http://europenews.dk/en/node/73506)  So “Rubicondior” will find that eventually Britain will become more “sexually repressed” if Islam takes over completely and will miss Christianity.  


Moreover, being “sexually out of the closet” does not make one happy or fulfilled.  With the increase of this “out of the closet” behavior, HIV is taking over Europe faster than any religion. (see: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/27/aids-europe-hiv-infections_n_4347567.html)  There is obviously a correlation between “Rose’s” “sexually out of the closet” phenomenon and the increase of HIV infections.  When sex is not respected and people are treated like sex objects, then increases of HIV and other infections will occur.  Moreover, when morals are set aside, evil takes it place. Evil as we know has consequences.  “Rose” praises homosexuality as a good while studies show that homosexuals have the highest rates of mental illness and suicide rates. (see: http://www.apa.org/monitor/feb02/newdata.aspx)  


In conclusion, “Rosa” has no clue what he is writing about – as usual.  He must look at the entire picture before jumping to conclusions that 1) Christianity is Fading, 2) Sexual Licentiousness is a Good and is helping Humanity.  Christianity is not fading away, but is going through a generational change.  It is still the dominant religion on Earth and is seeing increases throughout the world. Sexual licentiousness is not a good.  The survey which “Rose” cites were done with samples of those who grew in the “sexual revolution” social phenomenon and therefore answered the survey with the only social understanding they know of.  Homosexuals have the highest rates of mental illness and suicide rates.  HIV is on the rise in Europe and throughout the world.  This means people will suffer physically and mentally; which means there is no happiness or freedom.  This “revision of sex attitude” has only imprisoned people physically and mentally.