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I will be replying to tweets sent to #Sacerdotus here from now on.  I will no longer reply to any @sacerdotus messages I receive.  So if you wish to send me a prayer request, comment or question, construct your tweet using the hashtag before my twitter handle like this: #Sacerdotus

Sacerdotus replies:

Yes, I can do it.  I have done it countless times.  The arguments of atheism do not hold up well when scrutinized.

Sacerdotus replies: I am of the Catholic Church, not Protestant fundamentalist sects.  This is why you get confused.  You group all Christians and believe them to be these anti-evolution, faith without reason people.  This is not what the Catholic Church is about.

Sacerdotus replies:

You would have to elaborate.  To an average person, it seems atoms do not exist either until that person actually researches and learns.  We are not going to see gods floating around in the air, nor are we going to get visitations like in the Old Testament unless God wants to do that.  The best way to “see” God is with an open mind, sincerity and prayer.  God is on a different level than us.  We cannot truly perceive Him as we perceive each other and the physical world.

Sacerdotus replies: That tweet shows how ignorant you are.  Statistics show that abuse of children occurs more among families and in school systems than among clergy of any faith.  Your child has a bigger chance of being abused at home or in school than in a Church.

Sacerdotus replies:

Yes God is the Creator.  What about Hades? Elaborate.

Sacerdotus replies: A few minor things.  I feel they should be more aggressive in some areas.

Sacerdotus replies:

What question?

Sacerdotus replies: Oh quite a few in Boston and New York City.  One in New York City asked me to take him to a Church, the others I don’t know. They were encounters on the streets.  One I do keep a email dialog with.

Sacerdotus replies:
Actually, history shows Atheism has done nothing for Science.

Sacerdotus replies: Not necessarily.  Mental illness can be genetic as well.

Sacerdotus replies:

Evidence for what?

Sacerdotus replies: Well had physicists done this they would not have found the “God particle.”  Many believed it did not exist.  The belief that it did exist eventually lead to proof of its existence.

Sacerdotus replies:

Yes.  The Pope a few years ago said that Limbo was not necessary to explain what happens to unbaptized children.  There is no form in heaven because it is spiritual.

Sacerdotus replies: I am not ignoring you.  I clearly stated to send messages to #sacerdotus not @sacerdotus.  If you sent it to the latter, then I didn’t look.  Yes the Sun’s gravity does help explain the Earth’s position/movement to a certain extent.  Without the sun, the Earth can still move in space as a rogue planet.    

Sacerdotus replies:

Yes, depending on the institution, atheist professors can pontificate to the youth their atheist views.  However, my tweet was concerning atheists that use twitter.  A simple glance at their tweets shows they lack basic knowledge a freshman in college should know.

Sacerdotus replies: It probably had media attention.

Compromise to what?  Abortion is the taking of innocent human life.  There can be no compromise.

A scholar would be anyone who works in research; particularly, professors or those involved in academia.  I think the secret archives has a website with some of the documents online.  See http://www.archiviosegretovaticano.va/en/archivio/

See http://www.archiviosegretovaticano.va/en/archivio/  

I used to be an atheist.  I understand the definition of it as academia sees it.

In order to disbelieve in something, one must be aware of that something first.


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