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Mark Shea Fired from National Catholic Register


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August 2016

News is traveling around the Catholic blogosphere that apologist Mark Shea has been fired from the EWTN owned National Catholic Register.  Apparently, the NCR has had enough of Shea’s commentaries which often attack traditionalists and right-wingers both within and without the Catholic Church.  Shea has been especially critical of pro-life advocates who defend the right to life for the unborn while promoting right to bear arms, just war theory, the death penalty and ignoring other social issues which are part of the “seamless garment.  He and pro-life advocate John Zmirak have been in a sort of online blog feud.

Shea is a convert from Agnosticism and the Evangelical denomination.  He has been featured on EWTN many times and has authored books on apologetics.  So far his site and Patheos blog have not mentioned his release and the NCR site still pulls up his articles in the search engine. Some blogs are stating that Shea is blaming his firing on NCR’s need to keep Trump supporters and anti-Pope Francis enthusiasts donating to their company.

I am still investigating the details of this news and will update this post when necessary.  In the meantime, please pray for all parties involved.  I have seen some “Catholic” blogs rejoicing at the firing of Mr. Shea.  This is unfortunate.  We should always resort to charity and the “let’s agree to disagree” cliche as Catholic Christians.

Search produces articles http://www.ncregister.com/search/results2/
Official statement from NCR via Fr. West https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=10153985758031939&id=576926938

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