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My Nephew Graduates!


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June 2016

I was just at my nephew’s graduation.  Boy was it an emotional morning. I am not a very emotional person and pride myself in being a natural stoic; however, this event has moved me greatly. It feels like it was just yesterday that I held my nephew in my arms and years later, saw him go to pre-k. He is no going to middle school or junior high school. It is just amazing how time literally does “fly.”

This boy is so dear to me. Doctors told my sister that she would not be able to have kids, then she got pregnant. It reminds me of the story of Abraham and Sarah who gave birth to Isaac. God has the final say, not men in white lab coats. My nephew is like a clone of me. Watching him is like me going back in time and watching myself grow up. He is so much fun to be around with. As I get older, he reminds me not to take life too seriously and just enjoy each second of life.  I am so proud of him. If you have kids, nephews/nieces or younger siblings, please enjoy each second with them. Time does fly by and they grow up quickly.  Cherish the moments that will never return.

Congratulations to my nephew and all students at 57 in New York City.  You guys did it!  Many more adventures await!  Keep those faces in those books! Keep calculating!


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