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Miami Priest Accused of Perversions

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Another scandal of priest vs parishioners is brewing in the Church, this time in Miami. The story now is similar to that of Peter Miqueli, see: http://www.sacerdotus.com/2015/12/50-shades-of-pray-priest-hunk-dolan-oh.html and http://www.sacerdotus.com/2016/01/alleged-pee-drinking-gay-priest-spotted.html.  Father Pedro Corces is being accused by a group of parishioners from a group called ‘Christifidelis.”  They hired a private investigator who stalked the priest and even looked in the parish’s trash.

According to them, the investigator found evidence that Corces is living a double life having a sexual relationship with a maintenance worker and even the deacon!  This maintenance worker they claim is the priest’s boyfriend. Both are said to live together and vacation together. Photos of the priest leaving the residence of the maintenance worker are in existence, according to the priest’s accuser.

The scandal began when religious sisters who taught at St Rose’s Catholic school announced that they will be leaving and replaced with lay teachers. Some at the parish became upset at this and claim that Corces was forcing the nuns out.

Spokesperson for the Archdiocese of Miami said they received a dossier with the claims and evidence from the parishioners and are conducting an investigation.

The Archdiocese is known for having a problem with homosexuals infiltrating the clergy, see: http://www.sacerdotus.com/2013/06/lavender-mafia.html.  However, we must wait until all the facts on in before concluding anying regarding Father Corces. Other parishioners are calling this a ‘witch hunt’ against the priests by parishioners who do not like change.

Based on what I found it seems Corces is a diocesan priest (http://www.miamiarch.org/CatholicDiocese.php?op=BCG_551815555620) though he appears to have been a postulant in the Franciscan Holy Name Province (http://www.beafranciscan.org/postulants-begin-summer-studies-at-st-bonaventure-university/  and http://www.beafranciscan.org/four-new-postulants-enter-holy-name-province/).

I will update this post as I learn more.








  1. Dean Esmay says:

    Remember, “thou shalt not bear false witness” is easily forgotten–slandering an innocent man is often worse than even what he was accused of. Which is not to say this guy is innocent. But the idea of “presumed innocent” is not just an American legal law, it is something based on Christian values.

    Also we know priests sin. Of course they do. There are also sometimes priests who have girlfriends. That is a scandal but there’s not much evidence to me that it’s a worse scandal–in fact you can make a case that having a girlfriend is worse because if she falls pregnant, now the scandal gets to go on for decades.

    I look at Matthew 7:1-5 and similar not to say “well we’re all equally bad so it’s all ok” but to remind: if a priest has given in to sexual sin, have you? Also is the greater sin in the breaking of his celibacy vows or in creating a scandal? And actually, who is creating the scandal when they make their accusations on a priest PUBLIC instead of going to the archdiocese first?

    There is something about this that strikes me as gossip. Indeed, let us entertain for the moment that this priest is falsely accused, or, he is guilty of some things accused of but not all. His reputation is now harmed for possibly years. His parish is harmed too.

    How do these groups justify making themselves judge AND creating public scandal?

    • Faithful Catholic says:

      Let me she’d a little light on the situation for you. I am a parishioner at St. Rose Of Lima, I can without a doubt inform you that the Archbishop received the dossier in person, before anything was madw public. Archbishop Wenski was given every opportunity to take appropriate action. I would also like to point out that none of the information is gossip or slander. Father Corces hired his friend, with a lengthy criminal record to work around children even though it is expressly prohibited. The worker had 3 separate disqualifying offenses under Archdiocesan guidelines. The criminal background is not gossip, it is public record. As for the extremely intimate relationship between employer and employee, no allegations beyond this being and unusual and inappropriate relationship were made. I don’t think you have read the dossier, I encourage you to do so. It is readily available if you search Pedro Corces dossier.

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