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Penis Transplant

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Transplants are something we often hear about. They usually do not surprise anyone. However, a recent transplant has many talking. The first genitourinary vascularized composite allograft was performed at Massachusetts General Hospital.  In other words, the first even penis transplant took place.  After a 15-hour operation with a team of surgeons led by doctors Curtis Cetrulo and Dicken S.C., they were able to transfer the penis of another male to one who had his damaged. The surgery involved the grafting of microscopic vascular and neural connections which is not easy to do.

The recipient of the penis was Thomas Manning, 64 who stems from Halifax, Massachusetts.  He lost his penis due to penile cancer in 2012. The donated penis surgically applied onto his genital region shows no sign of infection, rejection or bleeding. In a word, the surgery was a big success.  This type of surgery will benefit those men like Manning who suffered from penile cancer as well as men who may have lost their penis due to an accident or battle in a war. While the penis is not a ‘necessary organ’ in regards to surviving; it is not a heart or lung which are vital organs, the penis serves as an instrument for removing urine and reproduction. It also serves to aid the psychology of men who often think of the penis as a sign of masculinity. In any event, I wish Thomas Manning well and a speedy recovery.  Kudos to the team of Dr. Cetrulo et al. They did a great job and show what knowledge of the human body can bring about in regards to surgery and medicine in general.






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