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Prince Dead at 57: Doves Cry

The renown pop rock artist known as Prince had died today at the age of 57. He was found in an elevator at his Paisley Park Studios complex and was unresponsive.  A 911 call was made at 9:43 AM, however, at 10:07 AM Prince was declared dead. The new s took the world by storm and even overshadowed Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday.  A ‘Prince’ overpowered a Queen.



Born Prince Rogers Nelson on June 7, 1958 in Minneapolis, Nelson was a unique youth. He would grow to become an American icon in the music industry rivaled only by the late Michael Jackson. Prince is known as an innovator and artist. His music ranged from funk , rock, R&B, soul, hip hop, disco, jazz and pop.  He wrote his song at age seven and was signed when he was 18. Prince sold over 100 million records which makes him one of the best-selling artists of all time.  In 2004, he join the ranks in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

His lyrics were often controversial in the 1980’s due to their sexual tone and language. It is believed that records display parental advisory warnings because of him. He was raised in the Seventh day Adventist sect and later joined the Jehovah’s Witness sect and often incorporated religious and spiritual themes in his music. His music was even featured in both Pope Benedict XVI’s and Pope Francis’ playlists during their trips to America. This may be due to one of his songs being named, “The Pope” where he sings, “You can be the president, I’d rather be the pope.” His music was featured in many films including the first Batman movie starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholas.    

Though often being labeled as being gay or looking gay due to his androgynous appearance and symbol which incorporated both the female and male symbol as one, he was against so-called same sex marriage. Prince was a small man, measuring only 5’2” but had a big voice.  He was full of talent and artistic expression which spoke to all by making it okay to look weird or strange.  During a tour last week on April 15, Prince’s flight was stopped due to an emergency. He was taken to the hospital for what is described as complications of the flu. This is what may have killed him. An autopsy will be done on Friday to determine the cause of death. Foul play has been ruled out so far, though it is said Prince had a recent overdose.

Many fans around the nation have gathered at different locations including Prince’s home and the Apollo theater in New York City to pay their respects.  In New York City, the Prince St decal on the subway wall was altered with ‘Prince rip.’





In his honor, I will make this post with purple fonts.  

May Prince rest in peace.  May God have mercy on his soul. Thank you for entertaining us all and sharing your art and talent.  The world has gotten a bit more boring now that you are gone.


















Harriet Tubman on $20 Bill

For quite some time, there were plans to remove Alexander Hamilton from the 10 dollar bill. Well, after protest from Puerto Rican Broadway actor and creator of the popular show ‘Hamilton,’ Lin-Manuel Miranda and others, the 10 dollar bill has been spared.  Instead, president Andrew Jackson (a slave owner) will be replaced with former African slave and abolitionist,

Harriet Tubman. The news has been met with different reactions. Some feel that it is a disrespect to Andrew Jackson, while others believe Ronald Reagan or another president should have been chosen. Unfortunately, some conservatives have taken to social media to voice their protect with racist tones.













You can read more on Harriet Tubman here: http://www.biography.com/people/harriet-tubman-9511430

  • What do you think?  
  • Should Andrew Jackson be replaced with Harriet Tubman?

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Trump & Clinton: New York State of Mind

As expected, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won their home state, New York with impressive votes. Ted Cruz got no delegates and hardly any votes in comparison. This was possibly due to his offensive generalization of New Yorkers by labeling them as having ‘New York Values’ (see: http://www.sacerdotus.com/2016/01/ted-cruz-new-york-values.html). That ignorant comment hurt his chances.

New York republican congressman Peter King even stated that he would drink cyanide if Cruz won. I think that shows how bad Cruz offended New Yorkers.  Trump beat him because New Yorkers know him better. He is a real estate business man who has brought many jobs to New Yorkers.  Cruz is seen as a clown in Washington who forced the government to close and read Dr. Seuss, wasting the people’s time.

Governor Kasich did well in Manhattan, which is ironic since it is the borough that Trump calls home. Clinton won against Sanders by about 15%. While not surprising, Sanders was confident that he would win New York since he was born in Brooklyn and had record numbers of participants in rallies and a smashing debate performance (see: http://www.sacerdotus.com/2016/04/brooklyn-brawl-demdebate.html and http://www.sacerdotus.com/2016/03/bernie-in-bronx-st-marys-park-mott-haven.html). His chances of winning the democratic nominee position is slim. Clinton seems to already have gotten the spot unofficially due to the number of delegates that she has.