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My Children’s Book: ‘Atheism Is Silly’ On Sale


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April 2016

The children’s version of my book ‘Atheism Is Stupid’ is now on sale. I had announced the book in this post: http://www.sacerdotus.com/2016/03/childrens-version-of-my-book-atheism-is.html.

Many people had messaged me asking me to make a children’s version of my popular ‘Atheism Is Stupid‘ book.  After much thought, I decided to author one. The book takes the main ideas of the ‘Atheism Is Stupid‘ book and simplifies them in a way that children ages 7 and up can understand. Children younger than 7 who have a strong grasp of vocabulary will be able to understand the text as well especially if the book is read to them.

The book presents arguments in favor of God using science and philosophy, making atheism and its conclusions look silly in comparison to the facts as presented by science and philosophy.  I believe that even adults will find this book useful as an introduction as it contains heavy ideas and terms in easy language. In fact, the book will help children learn about science and philosophy which will prepare them for their regular schooling!  My own nephew enjoyed it and is now fixated on space and physics!

The description says the book is 64 pages, but this is because of the font size and graphics used which took a lot of pages since the book is 8.5 x 8.5.  In reality, the text if shrunken to 12 font will be about 4 or 5 pages I believe.  I hope you will find this book useful for your kids and students.  It will protect children from the indoctrination of atheism early on so when they grow and go to college, they will be able to respond to atheistic rhetoric with ease and not feel as if atheism is somehow correct and has refuted religion.  ‘Atheism Is Silly’ is the antidote to the atheistic/secular brainwashing children will face as they age.

This book is priced at $13.75 and money from sales will help with my evangelization. Discounts will be made available soon for those who want to buy bulk copies (i.e. catechists, clergy, religious schools, parents etc).

You can purchase your copy at any of these places or your local bookstore:



Barnes and Noble

My book will become available at other stores in a few weeks.  I will update this post when this happens.

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