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Jesus has Risen! He Was No Liar!

Today is Resurrection Sunday or Easter Sunday!  It is the most important day in the liturgical calendar.  A small baby boy was born unto us on Christmas. He grew, got baptized by John; performed miracles and taught. However, what confirmed all of this was today: the resurrection. During Jesus’ time, many men claimed to be the messiah, the chosen one of Israel. Some even performed ‘miracles’ which were nothing more than parlor tricks. Magicians like David Blaine would have had a great following in those days because the people were ignorant and could easily be tricked into believing ‘tricks’ Jesus of course was suspected of being such a fraud or magician. This was why He was heavily scrutinized, especially by the Pharisees and scribes who wanted to keep their monopoly on Judaism.
Well, Jesus proved them all wrong.  He said He would rise and He did (Matthew 17:23).  Jesus is the resurrection (John 11:25). Even after He died on the cross on Good Friday, the disciples wondered what would happen next. The shepherd was struck and the flock scattered (Matthew 26:31). Things seemed hopeless, but Jesus came back. Notice He appeared to a woman first.  Women are an important part of the body of Christ. In Jesus’ day, women did not have much value. Their word was not as strong as that of a man’s.  It sounds awful I know, but that was just how people thought back then. We cannot hold that against them because that was their culture. Nevertheless, the fact that Jesus appeared to a woman (Mary Magdalene) and she was the one who told Peter and the rest shows how important women are in God’s plan (Mark 16:9). Women have worth.  Their word has value and strength.  They are equals to men. March is the month of Women’s history and this fact of Jesus appearing to a woman should be focused on in Christians squares.
The resurrection proved the disciples and others that Jesus was, in fact, the messiah, the chosen one of Israel. Catholicism would not have succeeded if Jesus did not resurrect. Christianity would have just faded just like other cults at the time led by false messiahs. The resurrection validated the new covenant and its beliefs. Think about it. If I today had a group of friends, said that I was the chosen one, spoke eloquently but did not back up my talk with honesty, truth and authority, then there is no way my group of friends would develop into a worldwide major religion. It would just die out the instant I became boring to my friends or died and turned to dust.  With Jesus it was different.  Yes, He died like everyone else, but He rose again.  He showed that He was telling the truth.  He was no liar.
God died for each one of us because we have value. We are made in His image and likeness.  He rose again showing He is in control of all things, including death (Romans 14:9). The resurrection is our hope. Death is not the end of it.  Death does not have the final say, Jesus does.  To the world, death seems eternal; but to us, death is just a nap (Wisdom 3:1-9). Jesus rose and His resurrection was a testament to everything He said. This was why people converted.  This was why Catholicism spread around the Roman Empire and elsewhere faster than a virus. Atheists claim Jesus was a myth, but logically speaking, no myth can have so much weight so as to convert so many in such a short time. People convert because something happens; because truth takes hold.  They convert because they see the evidence and it speaks to them.  The resurrection was this evidence, this reason, this ‘happening.’Let us hope in Christ and await the final resurrection of the dead as we meet our Lord.  Jesus has risen from the dead and He said!  Alleluia!

Mother Teresa to be Canonized!

Great news!  Pope Francis has just announced that Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta will be canonized on September 4, 2016!








Neil Degrasse Tyson Science Gaffe

Neil DeGrasse Tyson often presents himself as the ‘champion’ for science. He was chosen to host ‘Cosmos’ a few years ago and has his podcast now on television. Moreover, he often attacks religious people by insinuating that they do not know science.  Well it seems that the tables are turned.  He tweeted this:


Immediately, many came to correct him by reminding him that sex is not all that pleasant as some may present it.  Many animals have painful sexual encounters.  Things are not all love and romance in the animal kingdom.

  • The antechinus for example have so much sexual relations that they bleed inside and go blind.
  • Male cats have barbed penises that do not make a female cat’s sexual experience very pleasant.
  • The male praying mantis is eaten by the female one after mating. That is not pleasant or painless.
  • The male duck’s penis is also shaped differently than the female duck’s vagina which makes penetration very uncomfortable.

Let us not for get humans!  Recently, Trump and Rubio have been arguing and making comments about male size. Well, men come in all shapes and sizes.. and I am not referring to their entire bodies.  The woman’s uterus is about 7 inches long. Males, on the other hand, can have penises as long as 9 or 10 inches. The largest on record was 13.  This is only lenght!  Some males are as thick as a banana while others can be thicker than a soda can. While the vagina is an amazing organ and can stretch to release a baby, it is not always ready to accomodate any penis. Sex with a male who has over 8 inches or is thick can be extremely painful for the female if the male gets carried away. Let me not get into other ways people have sexual encounters, in particular, anal.  That is another disaster since the anus was not meant to have a penis inside it!

So Neil deGrasse Tyson needs to brush up on his science!