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Norm of the North Movie


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I just watched Norm of the North with my nephew.  The movie was pretty good.  It is about a polar bear named Norm who can speak to human beings.  However, when Norm and his friends learn that a real estate company is planning to ship homes to the arctic in order to populate it, he goes on a mission to save his home. While on the mission, he learns that his grandfather who long ago went on a mission was captured by the villain, Mr. Greene.  Guided by his friend Socrates and accompanied by lemmings,  Norm embarks to New York City to search for his grandfather.
While there, he passes off as a mascot helping Mr. Greene promote his homes at the arctic idea. Norm also learns that Mr. Greene is the puppet of a board which seeks to capitalize on the environment. After rescuing his grandfather, he goes to inform Pablo who is the one financing the project and who has no idea how his money is being used.  The movie has a lot of action, violence and other things which may offend some parents.
Overall, the move is good and was clearly made to show awareness of global warming and the affects human beings have on the environment.  If you do not subscribe to the science on environmental issues, then this movie is not for you.  Nevertheless, it teaches kids to work to solve problems and fight for causes that they follow.  The best lesson is that it promotes concern for our world and the importance of preserving natural environments and the species they contain.

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