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Transgendered People Can Use Any Bathroom In NYC

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Mayor of New York City, De Blasio has signed a bill allowing transgendered people to use any bathroom they wish.  If a male who identifies as female wants to use the women’s bathroom, now he can and vice versa.  This act is another push for strange progressive ideas on the part of De Blasio on the Big Apple.  De Blasio made it clear that he would do anything to promote the LGBT agenda.

This new act has been criticized by many people including parents who are concerned what might happen when children enter restrooms and a person claiming to be of the opposite sex enters.  It is a recipe for disaster.  Those concerned need to write to their council men to get this thrown out. Threats must be made against their political careers.  New York City is being run by an administration which has no concern for social welfare.

De Blasio focuses too much time on these things rather than addressing the spike of slashings around the city. Over 500 cases have been reported showing an increase of attacks against citizens.  Despite this, De Blasio continues in denial claiming that the city is safer than ever before.




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