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Blizzard 2016 Jonas


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January 2016
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A monster blizzard named ‘Jonas’ by weather authorities hit the north east on Saturday bringing in record snow fall in many areas. New York City had about 27 inches recorded. The storm shut down the city and brought worry to many in New Jersey who live near the shore.

After the storm, many residents of New York and New Jersey complained of the poor response by the city.  Manhattan, particularly the wealthy areas, was plowed instantly.  However, other boroughs, especially in areas where the poor live did not see one plow until today. Moreover, DiBlasio decided to keep schools open despite little MTA service and un-plowed streets making it impossible to drive and even park.

Residents took to the media and social media to voice their complaints by posting photos and video. The poor performance by the administration of New York City comes at a time where the City Council voted to increase their salary and that of the mayor by 40% which is an injustice in my opinion. They do not deserve an increase period.


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