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‘Atheism Is Stupid’ Book Discount Coupon Code

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St. Thomas Aquinas wrote his famous Quinque Viae offering arguments for the existence of God. While many of the points he made are dated and have been addressed by the philosophers and scientists of today, they are still great arguments to build new ones from which reflect today’s knowledge.

My book, ‘Atheism Is Stupid’ uses science, philosophy, theology, history and other academic sources in order to refute many of the commonly used arguments in favor of atheism.  This book will empower theists and will bring atheists to question atheism.  Make no mistake, this book is not an ‘apologetics’ book using the Bible to defend the Bible.  This book is an academic work based on a popular blog series and my own life experience with atheism as an atheist.

It even has some atheists in panic mode. They have rushed to post fake reviews on Amazon in order to discourage avid readers from purchasing the book and have even falsely reported genuine reviews.

In honor of Aquinas, I will be offering a discount.  
You can order the book at:


enter the code S9QSL9XP to take $5.00 off the list price. 

The discount code will work until 11:59 PM EST on the Presentation of the Lord February 2, 2016.  So you have six days to get the book at the discounted price!  


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