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Baby’s Inoperable Tumor Shrinks After Pope Francis Kisses Her Head


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Joey and Kristen Masciantonio, a young married coupled joined the massive crowds in Philadelpha in September in order to hopefully catch a glimpse of the Holy Father Pope Francis as his motorcade passed by during the Papal Visit to the USA.

They brought along with them their precious baby girl named Gianna. She was named after a saint who died in 1962 and whose living daughter was present and met the baby girl. With the massive crowds, Joey and Kristen were not expecting to catch a glimpse of Pope Francis moreless what was about to happen as they stood there.

Inspector General of the Corpo della Gendarmeria, Domenico Giani who is often seen next to the pope protecting him approached them and took baby Gianna to the pope.  The pope kissed the baby girl on the back of her head while in the popemobile. I emphasize the location because baby Gianna had a brain tumor in that area around the brain stem and medulla.  This tumor was declared inoperable by medical professionals and other treatment options were not possible because Giannna’s own blood cells attacked her brain stems.

Well, after two months, MRI scans show that the tumor shrinked and virtually disappeared.  Baby Gianna is recovering and doing much better.  Doctors and others are baffled at the occurence and describe the event as a miracle from God performed via Pope Francis as he kissed baby Gianna’s head.  Hopefully this will show non-believers that miracles do happen, as well as Protestants and even those catholics in the Catholic Church that Pope Francis is not an anti-pope, anti-Christ or heretic.

Let us continue to pray for baby Gianna who will have a long life ahead of her.  God is good!  God bless Pope Francis and St. Gianna.






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