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My Newly Published Book Coming Soon


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Today is the feast day of Our Lady of Divine Providence and it is a special day not only for the Catholic Church but also for myself, personally.  On this day, my book has been completed and in the process of being published.

This book is 260 pages long and aimed to help both theists and atheists on their journey.  In the book, I use my fields of study in the sciences, philosophy, theology etc to build on my heavily researched premises. It will be available in many stores including Amazon, as well as in libraries and universities.

Here is the description:

Atheism is a social phenomenon that has existed for quite some time. It presents itself as the antithesis of theism. The version we see today stems from affluent Europeans during the so-called “Enlightenment” period. This atheistic propaganda comes across as chic and convincing despite being based on misconceptions and fallacious conclusions. In this book, atheism is dissected, scrutinized and exposed as being irrational, without substance and “stupid” by the author who has personal experience with atheism. Readers who believe in God will benefit from the dismantling of atheistic fallacies and misconceptions while objective atheists will question their own atheism.

I will notify everyone when it will be available for purchase and may post a video on YouTube previewing it.

This book would not have been possible without God’s providence.  I dedicate it to Him, Our Lady of Divine Providence and St. Michael the Archangel.

Stay tuned… This post will be updated soon with more information and images.

UPDATE 11/24/15 – I have just received the proof copy and posted photos.


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