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Pope In NYC


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After a long day in Washington D.C., the Holy Father Pope Francis reached New York City at around 4 P.M.  He landed at JFK airport in Queen and came to Manhattan via a presidential helicopter.  From there, he got in his famous Fiat car and rode down Fifth Avenue to St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  At the cathedral, he led vespers but surprised everyone by acknowledging Muslims, their holiday and the stampede at Mecca which took over 700 lives. During the reflection, he spoke about the important of religious sisters and said that he loved them and that the Church would be lost without them.  It was a great experience for me and I am looking forwards to the Papal Mass tomorrow at Madison Square Garden.

Please send me your prayer requests at hashtag #sacerdotus on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ and I will join them to my own prayers during the Mass.  I will also be taking Rosaries to have them blessed.  They will be available for a donation (to help with mailing) on my site soon.  I only have about 200 though. 


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