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July 4th, 2015 – America is Not Free


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The image to the left is not a sign of disrespect to the flag but the proper display of the flag when the nation is in distress.

Today, July 4th we Americans usually celebrate our independence from the archaic and tyrannical monarchy of Great Britain.  Our founding Fathers had enough of being taxed without representation.  The British crown in its greed and abuse sought all they could from the progress of Americans in the thirteen colonies.

They taxed, and taxed and even taxed the tax. Things were hairy nearly 300 years ago in America’s infancy.  However, the Americans had enough. They rebelled.  These “peasants” in the eyes of the British crown took on the – at the time- world’s most powerful military with its exaggerated pomp and circumstance displayed even during battle. The outcome was in favor of the Americans.  We kicked British butt and told the British King to stick the crown where the sun does not illuminate.  However, things are different now.  We are now under a tyrannical sublime agenda which is making itself more public as it gains ground.   This agenda is removing our freedoms little by little . The first amendment is only protected when the speech and expression favors this agenda. Religious freedom which is the reason why European settlers left Europe to America is now being pushed aside and labeled as hate speech and bigotry.

The recent Supreme Court decision attacking the power of the people and the States they reside in which is protected by the tenth amendment, defying the Constitution is testament to the fact that America is being controlled by an ominous totalitarian faction. Is this the Anti Christ at work?  We cannot be sure, but the signs are there.  This faction is pushing God and religion out of the public square denying Jesus coming in the flesh (see 1 John 2:22).  It is forcing Americans to buy something or face a penalty (see Revelation 13). This faction is forcing a colorful mark on all of us via products we use, services we rely on and even on our tax funded government buildings.  It is removing monuments of the Ten Commandments from court real estate despite our nation’s highest court having Moses with the tablets on full display on its edifice’s facade.  If that is not enough, it is using every tragedy to limit second amendment rights which exists to preserve the people from a tyrannical government and pushes a common core curriculum that does not teach the history of America and the value of freedom.   It is disturbing to know of the many millennials today who have no clue what July 4th is about due to the education they have received which ignores America’s history and instead presents this nation as a problem in the world instead of as a global model of how a nation should be.
I lament to write that America is no longer independent nor free.  The great nation that saw me be born and grow into an adult; the nation that took in the poor and the huddled masses seeking freedom; the nation that gives opportunity to all is unrecognizable to me today in 2015.  We are being hijacked by this ominous totalitarian faction.  It is time for the Catholic Church and all Americans to wake up and take back this country which prides itself as being ‘under God’ and in whom she trusts in.  God save the United States of America, for we do not know what we are doing.


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