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Sacerdotus Hangouts: Catholic Open Mic


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June 2015

I decided to start a Catholic version of my “Open Atheist Mic” Broadcasts to give a platform from which other Catholics can join in a discussion with me or with one another on a topic or topics affecting the Catholic Church and Catholics in general.  Each episode will have this message and details on how to participate:

Join Sacerdotus Hangouts’ Catholic open mic. In this broadcast, Sacerdotus invites Catholics to join him live via the show or via chat to present questions and comments or join the discussion. Sacerdotus will address those which are civil, appropriate and relevant.

Come and join Sacerdotus.
To join the discussion, please email Sacerdotus at the email found here: http://www.sacerdotus.com/p/sacerdotus-hangouts.html
In your email, send your name and a brief bio or introduction which Sacerdotus will use to introduce you on live. ONLY those who SEND ME AN EMAIL will be allowed to join. NO OTHER REQUESTS will be honored (comments on threads, mentions, tweets etc).

You have until (date & time of broadcast) PM EST to send your request.
Note: No trolls will be given a platform or sound board.

I hope my fellow Catholics can join in so we can discuss Catholicism and other topics related to it.

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