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Advertise Using Sacerdotus

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In order to keep Sacerdotus’ work up and running smoothly, I decided to offer an advertising service in order to keep finances flowing in so as to expand the Sacerdotus work and keep it alive.  

With this advertising service, you will be able to get more public exposure for your site, content or product(s).  

Why Advertise on Sacerdotus?

Sacerdotus.com began with only 12 views and exploded into a popular website visited by hundreds of thousands which then later expanded into a podcast radio and Google Hangouts broadcast.

All-time visits since the creation of this site

Sacerdotus.com is constantly being visited:

This constant flow of visitors will get your site, content or product(s) a lot of exposure and publicity which will drive more traffic back to you and possibly increase more sales for your product.

Global audience:
Sacerdotus.com is visited by people from all walks of life and from all over the globe.  Thanks to some atheists and others I have debated, “Sacerdotus” is a popular search word which brings a lot of global traffic to Sacerdotus.com as well as my other content.
Global visitation will surely get your site, content or product(s) the attention you desire which can offer all kinds of possibilities for sales and/or growth.

Technological Outreach:
Sacerdotus.com is visited using many types of electronic devices, web browsers and operating systems.  Advertising on Sacerdotus.com will expose your site, content or product(s) to people using PC computers, Apple Macs & I Pad/ I Pod tablets, Android phones & tablets, other cellular devices and so forth.   

As you can see, there are many ways you can get your site, content or product(s) the publicity you desire in order to advance your site, content or product(s).  

For more information on advertising services offered, visit:  



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