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Help Friend’s Mom

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Dear friends:  I know that it can be difficult to help others financially, but we are called by our faith to do so with the hope of receiving more than what we gave (Mark 10:29-30).  

Please consider helping a friend who wants to assist his ill mother in trying times to help her with a new home where she can breathe better and hopefully recuperate.  This friend is not Christian and I am trying to bring him into the Catholic fold.  I am hoping that my readers can demonstrate to him what Christianity is really about (love of neighbor/giving) by helping him, a complete stranger.  
Hopefully this will bring him closer to conversion after he realizes that Christians are not what Dawkins and others claim they are.  

Any amount will truly help.  Please view the gofundme.com/momhouse campaign and read the reasons why he is trying crowdfunding to help his mother.  I hope you can help him with this by donating and show to him that Christianity does work and makes us into loving, selfless and generous people who give to others without asking for identification or giving a litmus test.  

Thanks, God bless + Mary keep!

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