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@Sacerdotus Restored by Twitter!


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March 2015
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Thanks be to God, Our Lady, St. Therese and my supporters!  Twitter has restored my first and original account @Sacerdotus which was suspended in 2013 after it was falsely reported by Twitter Troll Esther Harrison who blogs as “Rosa Rubicondior” on blogspot.com and other trolls.   Most likely they will continue reporting it.  I had people write to Twitter, and sent cease and desist letters to Twitter explaining that they were violating my religious freedom and free speech by suspending me just because of false reports.  There is no reason for Twitter to suspend accounts that tweet Catholic things, yet keep accounts that harass others, troll and defame.  It has to stop and if using the law is what it takes, then so be it.  

I will update this post showing the evidence of the tweets and harassment I have received along with tweets that I sent and was suspended for so all can see that Twitter has a policing problem.  They suspend the victims and keep the abusers.  Moreover, I will most likely sue these Twitter trolls and the blogs who have libelous content against me and other people.  Friends of mine who work in the legal profession inform me that I have a case and can get monetary damages for the actions of these trolls regardless of their location.  



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