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Dan Arel Invitation


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The below is a tweet I saw from Dan Arel who presents himself as a writer and atheist activist.  He apparently invited the former child actor Kirk Cameron to a debate.  Cameron obviously did not reply and so Arel is making a spectacle of this.  The whole thing is silly because we know Kirk Cameron will not entertain an insignificant unknown amateur writer.  He will instead go after people like Dawkins and the like in order to garner more attention to his Creationist views.

That being said, I invite Dan Arel to come debate me here instead based on the rules and format found here: http://rationallyfaithful.wordpress.com/rules/

Hopefully he will not run away in fear like “Rosa Rubicondior” did in 2012 see: http://www.sacerdotus.com/2013/02/why-is-rubicondior-afraid-to-debate-me.html or like David Viviano “Gamma Atheist” did recently. see: http://www.sacerdotus.com/p/gamma-atheist-decays.html

Some atheists claim that I harass, abuse or stalk atheists, but it is they who come to me.  This is not the first time I have encountered Mr. Dan Arel.  Here are his previous tweets to me exhibiting a pathetic paranoia regarding my “twitter list;” a plea to restore “Rosa Rubicondior” and personal attacks which were unwarranted.  See below how he attacks me.  I never did anything to him.

So “Atheist Activist” do you accept my challenge?  Contact me.
DO NOT Tweet to me as I do not look at Twitter and only use it to Tweet status updates and links from 3rd party sources.  

UPDATE: November 15, 2014 –  Dan Arel has just contacted me via my blog gmail account.  We are now working on how to plan this debate so I ask all atheists, et. al. to please step aside and not interfere.    

UPDATE: NOVEMBER 22, 2014 – Dan and I have been in communication via email and we are working on a day to start the debate which will be more like a discussion than a formal one.  To date, neither of us has backed out.  Stay turned until the final details are worked out.   


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