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Sacerdotus Was Expelled!


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Our resident trolls never stops at anything to try to defame me. After I forced her to donate to Oxfam yesterday ending a year long lie, she is now promoting a new post with lies about me.  Now “Rosa Rubicondior” is claiming that I was expelled from St. Joseph’s Seminary in Yonkers, New York. First she said that I was at St. Joseph Franciscan Seminary which closed in 1977 and would have made me into a time traveler because I was born way after 1977.  Now she is using St. Joseph’s Seminary.

Ever since she ran away from debating me (see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mw5C0LlkcY ) and I revealed her and her fraudulent activity, her hate for me gotten the best of her.  She will  make up anything in order to defame me.

The truth?  How can I be expelled from a seminary I never went to?  Father Rosado of the Archdiocese of New York was kind enough to confirm this publicly.  He studied at that seminary around the time “Rosa Rubicondior” claims I attended.

Priest student from St. Joseph's seminary confirmed no Manuel studied there




You can also contact the seminary and ask, I really do not care.  I can guarantee you that they will confirm that I nor the guy “Rosa Rubicondior” claims I am never went there.

St. Joseph’s Seminary
201 Seminary Ave.
Yonkers, NY 10704
P: (914) 968-6200
F: (914) 376-2019
E: sjs@dunwoodie.edu

Only a moron would buy into “Rosa Rubicondior’s” lies.  It seems Twitter trolls “Ellif_dwulfe” is so gullible that he believes these lies.  Funny how he is quick to question me, other Catholics and even a fellow atheist, but never questions “Rosa Rubicondior” or how she got the information regarding the expulsion of a seminary student.  Do these two people really think that information like this is made public by any school?  There is such a thing as RIGHT TO PRIVACY.


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