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Republicans Win Big


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November 2014
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As expected, the GOP took the Senate. Many political pundits predicted that Republicans would take the Congress due to a wave of voter discontent at Obama’s policies. In fact, many Democratic candidates tried hard to set themselves apart from President Obama in order to avoid being seen as part of his failure as president.

President Obama will not have a rough two years which are left in his presidency with a Republican Congress leaving him pretty much powerless. The American people have spoken and told Obama collectively that they do not approve of his policies and want change. From Obamacare to immigration, the dream act and Ebola, Obama has failed on these issues and made decisions which have angered the American people. Not all Democrats lost. Governor Cuomo retained his governorship in New York state and is pushing his progressive views there. The infamous “abortion barbie” Wendy Davis lost to wheelchair bound Greg Abbot who she mocked in a commercial.  He had over 59% of the vote in Texas.

Republican Mitch McConnel is expected to be the new Senate majority leader and vowed to unite Congress in order to get work done in Washington, DC.  President Obama has yet to release any congratulatory message. Ballots were also being voted on throughout the union. Many states voted to pass a minimum wage increase and measures to make marijuana legal.  Florida knocked down a measure to legalized medicinal marijuana. Colorado disturbingly voted down a measure that would have amended its constitution to define an unborn child as a person. They legalized marijuana last year, but cannot define an unborn child as a human person.  This is troubling indeed!

Congratulations to the GOP for taking control of the Senate. Hopefully they will repeal Obamacare which has caused so much harm with religious freedom as well as push for more restrictions against abortion and defend marriage as the union between one man and one woman.

Senate Results


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