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NY Resident With Ebola


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October 2014
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Ebola has reached New York City!  Dr. Craig Spencer who works for Doctors Without Borders was working in Guinea and returned to the United States just a few days ago. He seemed fine until he began feeling fatigue on Wednesday October 22. Despite this, he went on a three mile jog, traveled via an Uber taxi cab as well as the A and L lines on the subway. He also went out for a night of recreation at a Brooklyn bowling alley.

It wasn’t until Thursday morning that he got a fever that reached 103 degrees and had bouts of diarrhea. He was immediately transferred to Bellevue Hospital, the hospital where I was born at.  Bellevue Hospital is the official place to treat possible cases of Ebola in the New York City area.

Both Mayor Diblasio and Governor Cuomo as well as medical professionals spoke via a press conference reassuring New Yorkers that things are under control and that Dr. Spencer will have a speedy recovery since he entered isolation at the onset of the virus infection.  Nevertheless, as a precaution, city officials are tracking down anyone who may have been in close contract with the patient.

Let us pray for Dr. Craig Spencer that he may recovery quickly and that Ebola will not spread elsewhere in the City.  He is receiving top notch care at Bellevue Hospital which is the hospital from which I was born and where my mother took me as a child to get my physicals, shots and what not.   He’s in good hands!  Dr. Spencer volunteered his knowledge and skills to help others.  God will help him.




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