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Universe a Simulation & New Particle Found


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My blog post regarding the possibility of the universe being a simulation or program has been extremely popular (see: http://www.sacerdotus.com/2013/02/the-universe-is-program-uh-oh-there.html).  As I write this it is currently number 1 on the list of popular posts.  The idea that the universe may be a simulation has captured the imagination of many especially after the movie “The Matrix” played in theaters around the world.  This is especially true of philosophers of science.

Universe a Simulation

Physcists are not far behind.  Dr. Craig Hogan of the Unviersity of Chicago and the director of the Fermilab Particle Astrophysics Center thinks the universe may in fact be a simulation.  He wants to test this out by looking for “jitters” in space and time via the “Holometer experiment.”  If we observe the smalles of particles and substratrums of space, time and matter, then it may be possible to see a sort of “pixelation” in the universe and its composition. If found, this would show that we live on a 2D plane which is like living on a movie screen with the projection from the projector being the universe as a hologram or simulation.

Many of you reading this have digital cameras that can take high quality photos and videos.  At the default scale, the photos and videos look great in high definition.  However, have you ever zoomed the photo or video?  Do you notice that the once clear and prestine photo or video becomes grainy and pixelated?  Well this is what the Holometer experiment will do; without actually altering space and time of course.  It will look for pixelation that may be found in an area 10 trillion trillion times tinier than an atom.

If the Holometer experiment does find pixelation, then we must rethink what the universe really is and if we are in fact real conscious living beings or just programming on someone’s computer.  This may perhaps link religion and science in a way atheists may have thought would be impossible.

New Particle

Ever since the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switerland opened for business, physicists have been expecting to find new things.  Well so fat the collider has not failed.  After finding the elusive “Higgs Boson” or “God Particle” as it is colloquially called, the collider at CERN discovered two new particles.  The particles were named DS3*(2860)– and DS1*(2860).  They nearly three times the size of protons. The new particles are part of the meson class of particles.

Mesons contain two quarks, one is is an antiquark or a quark that that identical to quarks in mass but have differences in electric and magnetic charges.  If combined, they will destroy each other.  Think of them as a Yankees fan and Red Sox fan. Both are baseball fans and watch the game, but each root for a different team and if you put them together, they will probably kill each other!  Mesons are about 2/3 the sizes of a neutron particle or proton and do not last long.  They often disintegrate withing microseconds due to their instability.

Mesons are produced in matter when high levels of energy interact with quarks. They are bounded together by an extremely powerful force that physicists still do not understand.  The spin (PR) of the new particles or the angular momentum it contains is 3 which describes the type of momentum.  This new discovery tells physicists more about how the universe works and also reminds us that there are perhaps many more particles not yet discovered.









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