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September 2014

In a time where terrorism seems to be everywhere and threats against America are being made, it is expected that security must be a priority.  However, the house that is supposed to be heavily secured was breached recently by a man who scaled fences and literally entered that house.  The house I am referring to is the American fortress known as the “White House.”

The White House is the residence of the sitting president of the United States of America.  It is there that he conducts the business of the people. He governs and observes intelligence from there. This place is often surrounded by snipers, secret service agents as well as DC police.  The house is thought of to be impenetrable. This seems to be far from reality since a man entered the White House armed with a knife.

It is unthinkable to learn that the White House can be breached so easily. This house has inspired action movies in Hollywood where the movies show the security surrounding the resident. One would expect the same thing in real life, but this is apparently not so. The fact that a man can easily enter it is disturbing and scary.  Why isn’t our president safe? Why isn’t the People’s House safe?  Keeping this house impenetrable sends a message around the world regarding America’s power. If a man with a knife can easily enter it, imagine terrorists.  Recently, ISIS said it would raise the Islamic flag at the White House.  Well with the way things are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if this literally happens!

The secret service is asleep on the job.  There needs to be inquiries and investigations made as to why the White House was breached.  In 2011, a man shot at the White House and the secret service didn’t even know until the housekeepers found the damage on the windows and facade of the building. This is totally unacceptable.  Are we going to let the White House become a target for any kind of attack?  The White House was burned centuries ago by the British.  Is history going to repeat itself?





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