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Sacerdotus.com is back

Thank you everyone for your support and prayers. I was able to get my original URL Domain sacerdotus.com back and hope to keep it for a long time.  This domain name is very popular with search engines and will bring in even more visits.  

Deo Gratias!   

This blog has become a great success thanks to your prayers, visits and support.  

Please continue to pray for me and donate so that I can continue this work and expand it even further. Hopefully some of you can even join me and we can form an apostolate. 🙂  

Very soon this blog will be listed under www.sacerdotus.com  

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Pope Visits Pentecostals

Pope Francis imitating St. Francis visited with 200 Pentecostals in Italy. The congregation is headed by his friend Giovanni Traettino who is a pastor whom the Pope describes as being his “beloved brother.” 

The Pope addressed the shock of him visiting a Pentecostal worship building by saying that he “went to visit my friends.”  He spoke of Christian unity, the diversity the Holy Spirit brings and apologized to the Pentecostals for the bad behavior of Catholics during the fascist times in Italy and also prayed the Our Father with them.  He said: 

“Among those who persecuted and denounced the Pentecostals, almost as if they were crazies who would ruin the race, there were some Catholics. As the pastor of the Catholics, I ask forgiveness for those Catholic brothers and sisters who did not understand and were tempted by the devil…” 

As you may know, St. Francis visited Muslims and preached to them. By the grace of God, he was spared from being decapitated which was what happened to one of his friars, brother Berard. Pope Francis is doing the same by reaching out to those outside of the Catholic Church.

This visit is a strong indication that Pope Francis is seeking Christian unity in a different manner as opposed to having theological discussions and ecumenical meetings. He is reaching out to the people heart to heart; going after the lost sheep of Christ who hear His voice but are not part of His main flock (John 10:16). 

The visit is interesting indeed because the Pope was welcomed like a rock star.  Never in the span of my life both as an atheist and catholic have I heard of a Pentecostal cheering for the Pope.  Pentecostals are typically known for their anti-catholic rhetoric. They often call the Pope the “beast of Revelation” or anti-Christ.  Moreover, they tend to proselytize more than any other sect by speaking ill of the Blessed Virgin Mary and calling Catholics idolaters for using statues. 

This is not the first time Pope Francis has engages Evangelicals. He had spoken to the congregation of Kenneth Copeland via an iPhone video recording. The video was recorded by Tony Palmer who was an Evangelical and who recently died in a motorcycle crash.  He was a friend of the Pope and the Pope expressed sadness over his death.

See: http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/religion/tony-palmer-who-captured-pope-francis-bid-for-christian-unity-with-a-cellphone-dies-after-motorcycle-crash/2014/07/22/89a52fd0-11d9-11e4-ac56-773e54a65906_story.html

Moreover, before Pope Francis’ trip to Brazil for World Youth day, a Pentecostal pastor was proselytizing young Catholics attending the many catechesis workshops around the area. The Pope while on route stopped by his worship place and greeting him and some of his congregants who were left dismayed.  It was as if God led the Pope to this man who was obviously not pleased with the Pope visiting Brazil. 

Some Catholics are upset that the Pope visited a Pentecostal congregation.  These are typically those who are still upset over Vatican II and literally take the heart the term “Militant Church” as if Catholics have to fight non-Catholics and shun them as “heretics.”  

This is not what authentic Catholicism is.  We must show our faith in love, even to our separated brethren. Unfortunately, even some Evangelicals still rooted in hatred are already speculating that Pope Francis is the “anti-Christ” who is creating a “new world religion/government.”  We must pray for Christian unity that perhaps one day all of these sects will come home to Rome as in the case with Alex Jones who was a Pentecostal pastor who converted to Catholicism and brought his entire congregation into the Catholic Church! 

Let us pray for Christian unity and also for the soul of Tony Palmer who also worked hard to bring about unity.  

See the video of the visit here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FohFlZVmzRo








Sts. Joachim and Anne

Today is the memorial of the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saints Joachim and Anne.  

We know of these two people based on tradition and the apocryphal writing entitled, “Proto-Gospel of James” which was written around the 2nd or 3rd century. This writing is not the Word of God and many scholars do not consider it to be factual, historical or doctrinal. Since the 4th and 5th centuries, devotion to St. Anne was popular in the Eastern rites. This devotion eventually spread to the Western rites in the 10th century.  

Tradition has it that St. Anne was born in Bethlehem just like Jesus and married Joachim of Nazareth.  Both of them are descendants of David. They gave birth to a young girl who they named Mary. Mary would be immaculately conceived preparing her to bear the Christ child years later. Joachim and Anne raised Mary in the Jewish faith, teaching her the Law and virtuous living. Tradition states that Anne could not have children. Joachim is said to have had a visition from an angel who informed him that Anne would have a daughter.