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June 2014

God is good!


Today the Supreme Court of the United States of America sided with conscience rights and freedom of religion!  Our prayers, especially the Fortnights for Freedom are producing their fruit!


The long case (Burwell v. Hobby Lobby) with arts and crafts store “Hobby Lobby” is finally over with the aforementioned celebrating a victory.  Five out of the nine justices have decided that the government cannot force employers et al to go against their religious beliefs by funding contraception and other things that go against faith and morals.  You can read on the decision here: http://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/13pdf/13-354_olp1.pdf


Companies can now opt-out of Obamacare’s contraception mandate which has been a thorn on the side of religious organizations and businesses run by religious employers.  Under the HHS Mandate, employers had to provide contraception coverage to employees.  This ruffled the feathers of the Catholic Church, other religious denominations and businesses who felt the government was overstepping its boundaries by forcing Americans to go against their conscience.  Obama tried to remedy the situation by claiming non-profit organizations and religious bodies are exempt; however, this did not go far enough.  Hobby Lobby owned by an Evangelical family sued and was joined by many other businesses.  Mother Angelica’s EWTN also has filed suit against the Obama Administration because of this HHS Mandate.

These companies and others can now breath a little easier now that the Supreme Court struck down the HHS Mandatae.  However, more needs to be done in order to get rid of the mandate once and for all.  Liberals and others immediately took to blogs, comment posts in order to voice their anger and frustration.  Immediately the “war on women” propaganda was taken out with accusations that the decision was made by five males and that the dissenting opinion came from the female justices basically insinuating a “man vs woman” thing.  What are we in elementary school??
Liberals can be extremely childish…
This decision is not a “war on women” but a war on socialism and censorship of conscience rights and religious freedom.  The government has no right to force anyone to go against his/her conscience.
Moreover, it does not have the right to tell religious bodies what to do.  Religious freedom is the first right guaranteed in America.  Our Founding Fathers were clear on this.  America exists because of Europeans who fled religious persecution and wanted to settle in a place where they can believe freely without oppression.  In reality, America was founded for religious purposes!
Today, we have liberals and others trying to force religion out of America.  It is trying to control how people believe and how people act.  I’m glad that the Supreme Court decided in the way that it did and it gives me hope that America is still alive.  We will not let our religious freedom and conscience rights be trumped by those who are sexually irresponsible.  Contraception, abortion and the like are not healthcare.  They are means used to cover the irresponsibility of those who abuse the gift of sex and want to avoid the natural consequence: pregnancy.  Pregnancy is not a disease with contraception as the cure!
Let us continue to pray for America especially as we approach the fourth of July.  May God keep this nation under Him and keep religious freedom a priority on the table of law makers.  May God give wisdom to liberals and feminists who do not understand the beauty of life and sexuality. Contraception objectifies women and men.






















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