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Book Review: Because God is Real


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The book, “Because God is Real, Sixteen Questions, One Answer” is written by Catholic philosopher Peter J. Kreeft who is a regular on EWTN.

In his book, Dr. Kreeft answers several questions regarding God, Faith, the Bible, Morality, Sex, Catholicism, prayer and other topics. He goes in depth answering each while at the same time keeping it simple.

Dr. Kreeft provides several philosophical and “common sense” proofs for God and expounds on Aquinas’ own five proofs. Each proof is rational and easy to understand.  This book is not written in academic prose, but to the average reader.  Humor is often included in the text in order to lighten the reader’s mood as he/she absorbs and processes the information in each answer.

This book can be read by those of high school age and older. However, Confirmation age students can benefit greatly from it as well.  The book will most likely not convince atheists in academia about God’s existence since the book is not written for an academic audience.  However, it does make one think and do more research.  Dr. Kreeft is excellent at explicating difficult philosophical and theological concepts. In any event, the book is great to have if you are seeking simple answers regarding faith and proof of God.  This book is an “entry level” of sort for those in the Catholic faith or curious about faith in general.

I recommend this book to young Catholics preparing for Confirmation, high schoolers, youth groups, families with adolescent children, Catholic home schoolers, youth entering college, older “cradle” Catholics seeking to enrich their knowledge or refresh it, and atheists who are curious about God but do not want to get confused reading heavy philosophical and theological texts with academic jargon.


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