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December 2013

The year 2013 is about to pass and we are about to enter 2014.  This year has been one of uncertainty, death, war, violence and also hope.

We heard news of storms, earthquakes and other disasters that took many lives.  We heard of dictators killing their own people and rumors of war circulating the globe. We lost many people, both known and unknown.


Our government shut down and its new healthcare system has flopped.  We also learned what was already known; that the government spies on everyone.  However, 2013 wasn’t all gloom and doom.


2013 had the event of the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI which was a bitter sweet moment.  It was bitter because we were going to lose as Pontiff an academic genius and holy man of good will. However, we received another holy man of good will who is taking the world by storm.  The election of Cardinal Bergoglio brought great joy to us all, including many non-Catholics.  Taking the name of St. Francis, Bergoglio would remind the world what great of a religion is Christianity. Many times, Christianity can be fogged up by rules, regulations, doctrines and debates that do not allow it to shine.  Catholicism is now on the rise and the world is opening up once again to Christianity without “supernatural signs from God” or apparitions, but by the living out of the Christian faith by Pope Francis.  Like St. Francis, our current Pontiff is renewing the Church by simply living out the faith.


Moreover, 2013 has also brought interesting events online in regards to Twitter.  Five atheists have inquired about converting to the Catholic faith.  This is great news indeed and a sign that Catholicism is stronger than atheism.  It is much stronger that even anti-Catholic caricature personalities such as “rosa rubicondior” cannot deface it with fictitious posts and instead succumbed to the same abuse he offered to others of faith.  Unfortunately, social networks are censoring religious speech and my accounts as well as those of others have been suspended for merely posting religious opinions.  This is still on the battle field.


In any event, thank God for 2013 and for allowing us another year in 2014.  I hope this year will bring about more fruit and hope you will continue to support my work here by visiting, reading, commenting and providing financial support in order to offset “caesar’s” need for coins.






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