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Pope Francis Getting Through


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Pope Francis continues to spread the seeds of Christ’s love throughout the world.


The “New Yorker” magazine recently had a caricature of him making a ‘snow angel’ on their front cover.  In another surprise, “The Advocate” magazine which comes from the LGBT community and is usually anti-religious has named Pope Francis its choice for ‘man of the year.’


While their reasons stem from misinterpreting some of his words, the fact that they took the time to honor him says much.  The Vicar of Jesus Christ is certainly making it clear that he means business.  He is ‘making a mess’ in the world.


Christ must be preached in season and out of season (2 Timothy 4:2); and boy did Pope Francis bring Christ this year like a blizzard whitening up the world with God’s graces.


It bothers me to see some attack Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and even Blessed John Paul II and the Popes before them.  This shouldn’t be a “this Pope is better than that Pope” thing.  Each Pope is selected by the Holy Spirit to lead the Church. The man who is selected is given the graces needed to handle the Pontificate and its challenges.


Each Pope contributes to the Church and the world in different ways.  Blessed John Paul II was the most traveled Pope and basically paved the way for the Popes after him.  He helped put the Papacy into a position of popularity that rivals even the Beatles or any popular singer or celebrity. John Paul II brought the Papacy to the people worldwide and blessed the Church with the genius of his philosophical thought.  He showed us how to suffer with Christ on the Cross.


Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI brought to the Papacy his genius when it comes to theology.  He was a professor and is an author of many books that are excellent.  The Church grew under his watch. He reaffirmed the teachings of the Church, restored the dignity of the Mass (both rites) and began to clean up the filth in the Church.  He taught us that it’s okay to step down from high positions and  to realize that our roles in the Church are God-given and we don’t own them.  This is humility.


Pope Francis now has the torch and is building upon what was there already from previous Popes.














  1. Stephen Ind says:

    I am very glad to see you defending the Holy Father and his successor from detractors. God bless you!

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