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Atheism is STUPID IV

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In this my fourth installment of my “Atheism is STUPID” series of posts, I will focus on the “Prime Mover,” “Unmoved Mover,” or “Primum Movens.”  

The “Prime Mover” is an idea that originates from Aristotle.  In this idea, Aristotle posits that there is a force or ‘something/one’ that moves everything in the universe, yet has no need to be started or moved.  


In books 8 and 12 of his Physics and Metaphysics works, Aristotle has this to say: “that there must be an immortal, unchanging being, ultimately responsible for all wholeness and orderliness in the sensible world.”  This ‘Prime Mover‘ is responsible for everything.  Aristotle even adds the concept “Active Intellect” to this ‘Prime Mover.’ (De Anima) St. Thomas Aquinas would later build upon these concepts in his work presenting proof of God’s existence.


Atheists who have hijacked Science in order to push the Atheism agenda counter these arguments by claiming that a God is not needed to ‘move’ the universe.  ‘There is no intelligence behind creation,’ they often claim.  Natural processes discovered using the scientific method are enough to disprove the notion of a ‘mover’ including the idea that this ‘mover’ is intelligent.  


Is this really so?  Has science killed God and Aristotle’s views?  


Atheists will say yes.  They will argue till blue in the face claiming that science has wiped out the necessity for a God or ‘prime mover.’  Things in nature can be explain via the processes that allow them to exist and function in the universe.  While the latter is true; we do know that nature is full of processes and for the most part, we can understand many of these processes to the detail; however, this does not mean there is no God, ‘mover’ or ‘active intellect’ behind it all.  The device I am using to type this did not come together on its own despite being able to run processes without my constant input. It may run on its own, but this ‘running’ had a primal cause that moved it and continues it to move into functioning.  


Energy is eternal.  It cannot be created or destroyed in the current state that it exists in our universe, yet it came from somewhere.  How is this possible?  Well, physicists are still working on that.  There are two major types of energy: potential energy and kinetic energy.  Potential energy is stored energy that will have the ‘potential’ to move and become active.  Kinetic energy is energy that is already active, or on the move.  This energy allows for the many processes found in nature which allow for life.  It allows for evolution to take place, for space to expand, and galaxies to form and so on.


Just because these processes exist and we can explain them does not mean that they did not originate from an active intellect that is the prime mover.  Since energy exists in its current form in our universe, yet had an origin, this energy cannot be the prime mover.  Since energy is not conscious, it cannot be the active intellect.  The latter is the attribute of a being possessing personhood, not a thing or a place. This mover would be a conscious agent active and intelligent.    


Some atheists may say, “nothing created the universe, it was just there and took hold; it has no need for a cause, mover or intellect behind its existence;”  what do we say to this argument?  Well if we are to believe that the universe just happened to create itself randomly using energy and other compounds that were already there, well the former would be called an unconscious agent.  If the universe came about from a mover that possesses intellect, then this mover would be a conscious agent.  So in reality, atheism merely makes the creator unconscious.  This is one of the stupidities of atheism.  The creating agent is the primal mover: Atheists believe it to be unconscious while Theists believe it to be conscious.  


Atheism merely becomes a nonsensical contrarian position, rather than a rational one.             















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  1. Stephen Ind says:

    Thank you for this post. I found the concept of an ‘unconscious agent’ interesting and novel.

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