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Pray and Fast for Peace


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Today, Pope Francis is leading the world with prayer and fasting in order to promote peace in it and in our hearts.  In a time where wars seem to be everywhere and our leaders want to continue them, we must pray for peace.  


Peace begins in our hearts.  If we have no peace within us, we cannot present peace to the world. We often want to solve problems with violence.  War, abortion, euthanasia, genocide etc; each are presented as solutions in life.  They are not.  As Pope Francis put it; “war is futile.”  Violence breeds violence.   


Let us pray for peace in our world and most importantly; in our hearts.



God our Father, we ask you to bring peace to our hearts and to our world.  Our fallen human nature always seeks to solve things with violence.  

We forget that we all come from you and that we are all brothers and sisters.  Remind us that we are one human family and you are our Father.  

Bring peace of mind to each one of us.  Enlighten presidents and other leaders to seek peaceful means to solve conflicts.  Give them peace in their hearts so that they can know how to put it into word and action in their respective nations.  

Only you can pierce man’s heart and mind.  Only you know our inner conflicts and can remedy them.  

Give us a world where war and all acts of violence will only be remembered in history books and never witnessed in life.  Give us peace.  

We ask this through Christ our Lord.  Amen


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