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John XXII & John Paul II to be Canonized

Great news!  Both Popes, John XXIII and John Paul II will be canonized on April 27, 2014; the feast day of Divine Mercy or Divine Mercy Sunday!


This confirms previous reports.


John XXII was born Angelo Roncalli and served as a military chaplain during World War I.  He was responsible for the Vatican II council which helped the Church keep up with the modern times but without changing her teachings.  He was a humble Pope who later developed stomach cancer.


John Paul II is probably more known today especially by the youth.  He was born Karol Wojtyla in Krakow, Poland.  He took dealt with wartime in his native land and ministered to the youth.  He was an actor and later was ordained a priest.


Both Popes were very humble, holy and in touch with the people.  They both bore the Cross of Christ throughout their lives, especially during their pontificates where they suffered greatly.


This is a great time for the Church.  May Blessed John XXIII and John Paul II pray for us.  Rumor has it that both living popes, Benedict XVI and Francis will celebrate the Mass in April 2014!








NJ Judge Okays Gay Marriage

On Friday, judge Mary Jacobson ruled that New Jersey must allow so-called “Gay Marriage” starting October 21st.  Once again, judicial activism is attempting to bypass our republic by making laws via autocracy.  


This is scary indeed.  Why have elections and representatives if a single judge can decide what is law in our states?  


Governor Chris Christie has vowed to fight this in court by appealing to a higher court.  Hopefully, this irresponsible ruling that is an affront to our legislative process will be knocked down and this judge removed from the bench.  


There is no place for judicial activism in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave!  Our Founding Fathers came together to formulate a government whose power would come from the people.  This government cannot become a monarchy or dictatorship.  For this reason, ‘checks and balances’ exists so that no branch of the government can have too much power.  Having a judge decide what is law is wrong and contrary to the wishes of our Founding Fathers.  













Twitter Atheists Whining



@anidiotiknow @dawkinsassange @twitter @RosaResurrected she’s gone again? This is becoming such BS!!!

— Sherrie (@broncosatheist) September 28, 2013


@dawkinsassange @VorianK @twitter @RosaResurrected Rosa has been the victim of many attacks on twitter, there was no reason for this.

— Jossi (@poochalot) September 28, 2013


@VorianK I will posting every blog until @rosaresurrected comes back:) @secular_oz @twitter

— Godfrey Freeman (@dawkinsassange) September 28, 2013


@DonQuixote1950 Which denotes a problem. Religious loons gang-up on @RosaResurrected & report as spam.

— Christianne Smith (@ChristiAnne67) September 28, 2013


It is plain that @twitter is controlled by a bunch of #religious thugs. /@RosaRubicondior @RosaResurrected #atheism #twitter

— secular_oz (@secular_oz) September 28, 2013


@dawkinsassange: Dear @twitter reinstate @RosaResurrected I believe that she is a victim of a false spam blocking campaign. #NotRight!

— Nobodysfool (@anidiotiknow) September 28, 2013


@newfers fwiw, @RosaResurrected never spammed me. Care to offer details? /@dawkinsassange @twitter

— secular_oz (@secular_oz) September 28, 2013

Would @Twitter suspend Billy Graham? Of course not! Yet they suspend @RosaResurrected / @RosaRubicondior? Go figure! 😦 #Twitter #GodMob

— secular_oz (@secular_oz) September 28, 2013




Twitter troll “Rosa Rubicondior’s” reincarnation as “Rosa Resurrected” was sent back to the purgatory of dead accounts once again.  It is obvious why he was suspended again: abuse/spam/copyright/trademark.


His previous account @rosarubicondior is permanently suspended.  I warned him this would happen if he continued his abuse, but he continued.  My post “Rosie on Probation” highlighted that Twitter was monitoring this troll and those who promoted his lies and spam links.  “Rosa” disregarded this and continued his abuse.  His atheist minions continued as well and are now whining that he is suspended again.


Are these people stupid?


Apparently so!   If I am warning them of what’s going on and telling them how to avoid suspension, then why would they do the things that would bring about suspension?


They are now whining and complaining that religious people are spam reporting Rubicondior and other atheists. This is not so.  While I did tell people to report any abuse they encounter, this is not a campaign.  Twitter asked me for evidence of this abuse, so I was just doing what they requested.  Moreover, Twitter has changed its rules and how it responds to abuse.  I wrote about it here: http://www.sacerdotus.com/2013/07/twitter-abuse-changes.html

 Twitter Abuse Changes


They will now take more seriously any reports made to them.  Before, reports made against abuse were brushed off as a “free speech” conflict of interest.  However, after some have used Twitter to make death and rape threats, they have now changed their handling of reports.  Moreover, they are also getting tough on spammers who use their site to spam.  Automation will no longer be allowed.  “Rosa” uses Gremlin and other spam bot applications in order to tweet his spam links throughout the day on a schedule.  He has also sent unsolicited mentions to random people and blocked them in order to avoid getting a response from them and used automated following apps in order to get his 7500 followers again.  This is against twitter’s rules.


Here are more of the things in detail of what Rosa Rubicondior/Resurrected did in order to bring upon himself suspension:


He used his @rosarubicondior account and @rosaresurrected to spam all day by posting duplicate tweets linking his followers to his poorly written and scientifically illiterate blog which I have refuted many times.


Unsolicited Mentions

Moreover, he has also sent unsolicited mentions to Christians and other people of faith in an attempt to start an argument.  Often times, he would mention someone and then block that person so that the person has no way to reply to his ‘hit and run’ mention.  This of course is against Twitter’s rules.  Twitter users cannot abuse the spam report feature in this way.


Using Automated Programs

In order to tweet his spam nearly every couple of minutes, Rubicondior relied on bots programmed to tweet at certain intervals throughout the day with specific tweets.  He also used bots to add followers to his new account.  This is also against Twitter’s rules.



Within his tweets, Rubicondior abused other users by insulting them, threatening them, being condescending and by baiting them to engage him.  This includes other atheists who don’t agree with him!  He has also been posting the information of a minor named ‘Manuel’ or ‘Manny’ in order to defame the child as well as discredit me and others who he finds a threat. When questioned to provide evidence of this child and his connection to me or others, he disappears and ignores the requests.  Twitter has been monitoring this child abuse. They have seen my license as well as the licenses of those who Rubicondior claimed is me or “Manuel/Manny.”  It is futile to even make the connection because twitter knows everyone’s identity.  This is why Rubicondior got suspended faster than usual.


Posting Personal Information

It is against Twitter’s rules to post someone’s private information.  Rubicondior took it upon himself to post a child’s information, including his school’s address and other sensitive information that can put the child in danger.


Trademark/Copyright Laws

It is against Twitter’s rules to violate Trademark and Copyright laws.  “Rosa Rubicondior” is not a real name.  He is using a comic book anime character as his online presence as well as the photo of a Halloween old lady mask.  The aforementioned are creations of other people and hence, “Rubicondior” broke Trademark and Copyright laws by claiming them as his own.  See more here: http://www.sacerdotus.com/2013/07/what-is-sacerdotus-doing.html


Impersonation of an Individual or Entity

Rubicondior has many overlapping accounts which he uses to spam.  Some accounts are even fake theist accounts that he uses as sock puppets.  This is against Twitter’s rules.  I will post all the known accounts that he uses in a later post so everyone can watch out for them and report each to Twitter.


As you can see, Rubicondior has quite a rap sheet.  Ironically, he was suspended a year later on the same day that he lost his debate with me by running away and not completing his agreement to debate me.  God works in strange ways indeed! See more here: http://www.sacerdotus.com/2013/08/why-was-rosa-rubicondior-suspended.html



If atheists want to tweet without being suspended then they must follow Twitter’s rules.  They also must not tweet any mentions to random people no matter how tempted they are pressured into responding to a tweet that was provocative.  My profile says to contact me on my blog for this reason.  I understand my tweets are provocative and people feel the burn to respond;  however, you can do so via my blog without worrying about being suspended on twitter.  There is no reason to spam my mentions with tweets when you can send me a well organized email with your comments or questions.  Moreover, I will not read mentions and any mentions with vulgarity will be reported.   


Moreover, atheists must not promote Rosa’s spam links.  His blog is blacklisted as spam by Twitter.  Also, the name “Manny/Manuel” is also known to Twitter as the child Rubicondior is abusing.  Twitter has seen my driver’s license as well as the ID’s of other accounts Rubicondior has claimed to belong to me.  That being said, it is silly saying I am “Manny/Manuel” or account abc when Twitter has verified my identity.  Therefore, any mention of  this child will bring Twitter support into play.  Any atheists/accounts who promoted Rosa’s blog and mention this child will be monitored and suspended.  There is no way around this.


“Rosa Resurrected” was doing fine until he began tweeting links written as “Manny’s list…” and mentioning “Manuel.”   When he did this, that is when he got suspended again.  Again, twitter is monitoring this.   


I have warned atheists about this, but they see it as some joke.  They are not laughing now, neither is “Rosa.”  One atheist mentioned why Billy Graham is not suspended, well the answer is obvious: HE DOESN’T ACT LIKE AN IMBECILE ON TWITTER. 


So to my atheist friends, stop the whining.  There is no crusade against atheists and no vendetta against Rubicondior.  All of you are abusing Twitter and are feeling the heavy hand of support.  Get over it and behave.  Most likely, Rubicondior will never be allowed to tweet again since his blog and behavior is known to twitter and he is a repeat offender.  His blog is also being targeted for removal, so don’t get too used to it.