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Papal “Selfie”


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August 2013



Pope Francis is now the first Pope to have a “selfie” or informal self taken photo using a cell phone device.  Twitter and the social network system has been taken by storm with this photo.  


A group of young Italians from the diocese of Rome took the photo with the Pontiff inside St. Peter’s.  This is not the first time Pope Francis has broken with protocol and blended with the people, so to speak.  I don’t think this is a bad thing.  I probably would do the same.


In the age of “sexting” with congressmen tweeting photos of themselves nude, I think this news of the Pope is a breath of fresh air.  Pope Francis has made it clear that he is not about formality, so he shouldn’t be judged for this.  He is with the people – young people.  This sends a strong message to all that we should be with the people. 


It is cool that a man in his 70’s can cause such a sensation similar to that of  a celebrity for a simple thing such as a “selfie.”  Despite claims from atheists that the Church and Pope are archaic and irrelevant; this news shows that the youth still are drawn to the Church and Pope  This Pope knows how to steer the media in the Church’s favor and that is good!  





@KofC epic #selfie #PopeFrancis pic.twitter.com/CLYduUpxDA

— Fabio M. Ragona (@FabioMRagona) August 29, 2013




Autoscatto papale (col cellulare) #PapaFrancesco pic.twitter.com/nCvuxLdmwD

— Fabio M. Ragona (@FabioMRagona) August 29, 2013










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