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“You shall stand up before the gray head and honor the face of an old man, and you shall fear your God: I am the Lord.”




Grandparents are important in families.  They are a link to the past; a link to where we all come from.  In many cases, grandparents help parents raise children.  It pains me to see the elderly abused and disrespected in today’s American society.  Old age is seen as an annoyance or something we must avoid.  The elderly are presented as a burden that we must cast away in nursing homes or even euthanize.  These ideas are evil indeed.


I have always believed that the elderly are libraries of life. We can learn so much from them and their stories. While we may learn history in school and in books; there is nothing better than actually hearing it from someone who lived a particular historical moment.  Grandparents are extremely important in this regard.  It is no wonder why many African tribes and also Native American ones value the elderly so much.  The elderly often were in charge or made decisions for a particular tribe.


I want to dedicate this post to all grandparents and elderly out there as well as those who have passed on.  They deserve our respect, love and reflection as we ourselves become elderly and perhaps even grandparents.


May God bless our grandparents and all elderly – living and deceased.  May he soften the minds and hearts of those who may view them as a ‘burden’ or annoyance.




  1. stephenind says:

    Thank you for writing about the respect due to the elderly. May God bless you!

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