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Teen Suicide Over Skype


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August 2013
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Daniel Perry, a teenager from Scotland has committed suicide after being blackmailed with Skype.  He was a victim of an apparent ‘Catfish.’  A Catfish scenario is when one pretends to be someone he/she is not in order to use another individual for romance, sex, or even money.


Perry used Skype to chat with someone he believed was a girl his own age.  The person was not what he thought.  To add to insult, a group hacked the chat and threatened to show it to his family and friends if he did not deposit money to their account.


Unfortunately, out of panic, Perry killed himself by jumping to his death from a bridge.  This news follows a similar one where another young child, Hannah Smith killed herself after being bullied online.


This news breaks my heart and makes me wonder why parents are not monitoring what their children are doing online.  Moreover, ISP and other social networks must do more to stop abusive behavior on their networks.  This is why I am actively working on getting abusive twitter accounts permanently suspended.  @rosarubicondior is one who was taken down by me after resorting to abuse.  He is even abusing and defaming a child on his blog who he is trying to claim is me, see here.


According to child services, this activity is far too common.  It has got to stop.


Please contact your social networks, ISP’s and law officials and demand more be done against cyber bullying and online abuse.



Daniel Perry


Hannah Smith




May these youth rest in peace.















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  1. stephenind says:

    Thank you for raising these important issues and doing so forcefully. May God bless you!

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