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Papal “Selfie”



Pope Francis is now the first Pope to have a “selfie” or informal self taken photo using a cell phone device.  Twitter and the social network system has been taken by storm with this photo.  


A group of young Italians from the diocese of Rome took the photo with the Pontiff inside St. Peter’s.  This is not the first time Pope Francis has broken with protocol and blended with the people, so to speak.  I don’t think this is a bad thing.  I probably would do the same.


In the age of “sexting” with congressmen tweeting photos of themselves nude, I think this news of the Pope is a breath of fresh air.  Pope Francis has made it clear that he is not about formality, so he shouldn’t be judged for this.  He is with the people – young people.  This sends a strong message to all that we should be with the people. 


It is cool that a man in his 70’s can cause such a sensation similar to that of  a celebrity for a simple thing such as a “selfie.”  Despite claims from atheists that the Church and Pope are archaic and irrelevant; this news shows that the youth still are drawn to the Church and Pope  This Pope knows how to steer the media in the Church’s favor and that is good!  





@KofC epic #selfie #PopeFrancis pic.twitter.com/CLYduUpxDA

— Fabio M. Ragona (@FabioMRagona) August 29, 2013




Autoscatto papale (col cellulare) #PapaFrancesco pic.twitter.com/nCvuxLdmwD

— Fabio M. Ragona (@FabioMRagona) August 29, 2013










Why was Rosa Rubicondior Suspended?






@richardkillip @RosaRubicondior got suspended but Twitter can’t or won’t say why. 😦 #Atheism

— Rosa Resurrected (@RosaResurrected) September 2, 2013



Atheist twitter troll @rosarubicondior has been suspended again from Twitter on August 20, 2013. This is of no surprise to those of us who have faced his spam and abusive behavior.  The above Tweet shows the Dunning–Kruger effect that Rubicondior has demonstrated throughout his stay on twitter as @Rosarubicondior.  In this tweet, he refuses to acknowledge why he was suspended. Mind you, Twitter’s zendesk employees send emails explaining why one’s account is suspended.  I also have those emails because I was the one who got him suspended.


Here are some of the reasons why he is suspended; most likely for good:



He used his @rosarubicondior account to spam all day by posting duplicate tweets linking his followers to his poorly written and scientifically illiterate blog which I have refuted many times.


Unsolicited Mentions

Moreover, he has also sent unsolicited mentions to Christians and other people of faith in an attempt to start an argument.  Often times, he would mention someone and then block that person so that the person has no way to reply to his ‘hit and run’ mention.  This of course is against Twitter’s rules.  Twitter users cannot abuse the spam report feature in this way.


Using Automated Programs

In order to tweet his spam nearly every couple of minutes, Rubicondior relied on bots programmed to tweet at certain intervals throughout the day with specific tweets.  This is also against Twitter’s rules.



Within his tweets, Rubicondior abused other users by insulting them, threatening them, being condescending and by baiting them to engage him.  This includes other atheists who don’t agree with him!  He has also been posting the information of a minor named ‘Manuel’ or ‘Manny’ in order to defame the child as well as discredit me and others who he finds a threat. When questioned to provide evidence of this child and his connection to me or others, he disappears and ignores the requests.  Twitter has been monitoring this child abuse. They have seen my license as well as the licenses of those who Rubicondior claimed is me or “Manuel/Manny.”  It is futile to even make the connection because twitter knows everyone’s identity.  This is why Rubicondior got suspended faster than usual.


Posting Personal Information

It is against Twitter’s rules to post someone’s private information.  Rubicondior took it upon himself to post a child’s information, including his school’s address and other sensitive information that can put the child in danger.


Trademark/Copyright Laws

It is against Twitter’s rules to violate Trademark and Copyright laws.  “Rosa Rubicondior” is not a real name.  He is using a comic book anime character as his online presence as well as the photo of a Halloween old lady mask.  The aforementioned are creations of other people and hence, “Rubicondior” broke Trademark and Copyright laws by claiming them as his own.  See more here: http://www.sacerdotus.com/2013/07/what-is-sacerdotus-doing.html


Impersonation of an Individual or Entity

Rubicondior has many overlapping accounts which he uses to spam.  Some accounts are even fake theist accounts that he uses as sock puppets.  This is against Twitter’s rules.  I will post all the known accounts that he uses in a later post so everyone can watch out for them and report each to Twitter.


As you can see, Rubicondior has quite a rap sheet.  Ironically, he was suspended a year later on the same day that he lost his debate with me by running away and not completing his agreement to debate me.  God works in strange ways indeed!


You can help keep this abusive psychotic individual off Twitter: 


  1. I ask all Catholics, Protestants, Muslims and others who have faced Rosie’s abuse to please continue reporting any violations that Rosie and his supporters tweet, including retweets and quoted tweets.
  2. Also report any links to Rosie’s blog post defaming me and the child named Manuel. Report any tweets mentioning @sacerdotus, sacerdotus, sac, or any variation as well as the name of the child and any variation of it; “Manuel” or “Manny.”
  3.  Remember, twitter is asking for this information, so please provide it. Together we can end this abusive behavior.
Send them to @support@zackriles or twitter.com/forms.  Again, Twitter wants this information in order to prevent the abuse of their network.

He is now using @rosaresurrected to continue his spamming in violation of his suspension.  Please continue to report this account as well.



Let me be clear that I am not asking to censor atheists. They are free to visit my blog and post comments as long as it’s free from vulgarity and ad hominem. What concerns me is the abuse, posting of a minor’s information and the harassment. Twitter is NOT the venue for defamation of character, cyber bullying, or any abuse/harassment of any kind. It’s okay to disagree on issues, but not okay to take it personal to the point Rosie has.



Here are other blog posts on this psychotic individual:













St. Augustine of Hippo

St. Augustine of Hippo was born in Tagaste on November 13, 354.  He came from a humble and modest family; his father was Patricius who was a curiale of the government and was a pagan. His mother was Monica, who was a Catholic and responsible for bringing both Augustine and his father to the faith later on.


Augustine was a very bright student.  His father wanted him to study forensics after he noticed that his son excelled in academia. While studying, he fell into many temptations at Carthage. Like today, there were many vices that existed that attracted naive youth.  St. Augustine was not immune to this and fell into these vices.  He adopted Manichaeism and then Neo-Platonism before converting to Catholicism in 387.


St. Augustine is the father of Western Philosophy and helped formulate many of Christianity’s tenets of faith making him a ‘Church Father.’ He was an intellectual and gifted scholar who put his talents to use in promoting the faith. He was a professor of rhetoric and enjoyed teaching.


His mother, Monica who is a canonized saint prayed for her son Augustine for all of her life.  After reading St. Anthony of the Desert’s story, Augustine began his conversion to Catholicism.  He also read St. Paul’s Epistle to the Romans which also aided him in his conversion.  Augustine was baptized by St. Ambrose alongside with his son Adeodatus in 387 at Milan during the Easter Vigil. A year later he would write, “On the Holiness of the Catholic Church.”


Afterwards, Monica passed on as well as his son. Augustine sold off his family’s property and gave the monies to the poor only retaining his home which he converted into a monastery.  He felt called to the priesthood and in 391 was ordained a priest in hippo which is now Algeria.  Four years later he would be made Bishop of Hippo.  He remained at that post until his death in 430.


He wrote many works which are in use today in both secular and religious institutions. Augustine is a model for all those seeking the truth.  He went from Christianity, to Paganism and even skepticism; and perhaps a mild form of atheism.  He found faith not only via Monica’s prayers, but also via reason and academia.


The youth of today can learn from Augustine.  Today’s youth often go to college with faith and graduate as atheists or are indifferent to religious beliefs and morality.  They often fall into many vices while in college as well.  Augustine faced the same things. He was met with vices and strange ideas pontificated in schools during his time.  Students today face the same threats to their minds and bodies.


Moreover, Augustine is a model for atheists who sincerely want to seek the truth regarding God and faith.  He did not resort to childishness or bullying tactics like the so-called “new atheism” of today which seeks to hide behind irrational beliefs instead of opening their cognitive abilities to process God and faith in a rational manner.


May St. Augustine pray for us and all those seeking faith.