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Atheism on the Decline

Atheism is on the decline, according to a new study.  The study conducted by the Center for the Study of Global Christianity in Massachusetts has demonstrated that Christianity is replacing atheism in places where atheism has be thought to be increasing.

This comes to no surprise.  Atheism does not have the credentials needed in order to be rationally accepted by the educated person.  It proposes the non-existence of God without supplanting that claim with evidence – something they constantly request of theists.

Atheist leaders such as Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris must start pressing the ‘panic button.’  The “Militant Atheism” agenda is nothing but a movement based on propaganda, emotivism and ignorance.  We all are hardwired for belief in God.  There is no way around this biological fact.  Atheists exist because they willingly refuse to acknowledge the existence of God and the supernatural.

I wrote about the rates of atheism in comparison with religion in these two posts:



Atheists on Twitter are also on the decline especially after I had Twitter troll and abusive atheist “Rosa Rubicondior” removed.  Hopefully Twitter will now become a more civil place.

The cry that “atheism is growing” is nothing but propaganda.  Religon is here and will not go anywhere but up in numbers.

Over 3 million pack Copacobana beach for WYD 2013

This week, the Catholic Church had its World Youth day which is a series of days celebrating the Faith in Christ Jesus in a way that is geared towards the youth.

This year’s World Youth Day was held in Brazil and nearly broke the record with over 3 million participants.  Imagine, 3 million young people gathering in undesirable local conditions just to hear the Gospel being preached by an elderly man called the “Pope.”

He is not performing tricks, or dancing.  He is not singing in a boy band or rapping; he is preaching the Gospel via words and example.  No musician can ever gather the crowds that Christ gathers before His Vicar on Earth, the Pope.

Science, Theology and Philosophy are killing atheism.  As Schroeder wrote: “The relationship between early modern atheism and science tended to embarrass rather than strengthen the fledgling atheism’s case.”

Atheism only attracts those who are attracted to bad behavior. Some psychologists call this the

“Reason Rally” in Wash. DC, 2012; only a few hundred attended

“Misfit syndrome.”  Remember in elementary school; there was always that kid that had to be naughty for some reason?

Remember that he/she found pleasure in bullying, asking the teacher stupid questions or making smart remarks?

Well, this is the typical atheist of today.  They are adults with this kind of  naughty child’s mentality.

Let us continue fighting on and not be afraid to challenge atheism head on.




Atheists in my Lab

“I will put my law in their minds
and write it on their hearts. Jeremiah 31:33 



After I took down the atheist caricature Twitter troll “Rosa Rubicondior,” I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon. Atheists began to admonish me for it and for my “gloating.” They used the terms, “how Christian of you,” “God is watching,” etc; to somehow put a guilt trip on me. This is interesting because these are individuals who do not believe in God, mock the Bible and Christianity as “Bronze Age superstition” with “outdated” morals.


See some of the Tweets I got:


@Sacerdotus @jprose How very Christian. & you think #atheists don’t have standards. Diplomacy @Hack_th3_plan3t @danarel @twitter

— Twiggy (uk) (@twittwootwiggy) July 26, 2013



@Toupsfamily Christ commanded to only Love-a Christian follows Christ’s commands or not a Christian.how can you follow…@Sacerdotus

— Godz Antagonist (@Godz_Antagonist) July 26, 2013



@pianocake Apparently a ‘good’ Christian named @sacerdotus organised it @RosaRubicondior @twitter @gentley1300 @BenMosley @REnlightenment

— Godfrey Freeman (@dawkinsassange) July 26, 2013



@Sacerdotus @RosaRubicondior @thedavewhaley how very Christian of you.

— Alan Dempsey (@alanvsworld) July 26, 2013



. Seems @Sacerdotus is giving #catholics a bad name again #atheist #atheism #atheistrollcall #christian #jesustweeters

— godless_gardener (@gentley1300) July 24, 2013



@Sacerdotus your god is watching u

— Blue (@Bluemeanie72) July 25, 2013



@Sacerdotus well i think u are being dishonest, and i think ur god will too

— Blue (@Bluemeanie72) July 25, 2013




The question I ask is: 


 If Christianity is “superstition” and has “outdated” morals, then why are you applying them on my online behavior if you do not care for those morals and ideologies?


The truth of the matter here is that these atheists are demonstrating cognitive dissonance. They cannot strictly adhere to one set of values and a particular ideology, but instead blend variations found in society to suit their needs or current circumstance. This appears to be a cognitive and social defense mechanism of sorts.


Think about it: 


 If Atheists do not care for Christianity and its values and morals, then why be so concerned about my public display of jubilation? Why adhere and give credence to those Christian ideas that they reject in this circumstance? If anything, they should be approving of my display and not admonish me for it since they do not care for Christian morals and right conduct.  


This cognitive dissonance is the weak spot in the atheist. It is from here that Christians can open a hole to the atheist’s heart and mind so he/she can accept God. If he/she is criticizing you as if he/she were a Christian, then the seed is already in them. Jeremiah 31:33‘ words are alive in them already.  Our job is to water it.  God’s sun rays (grace) will take care of the rest.

What is Sacerdotus doing!?

Some of you have been wondering why I have been taunting atheists and celebrating the suspension of their leader on twitter, “Rosa Rubicondior.”

I understand the confusion and the scandal it may have caused; however, before making judgements against me, understand the reasoning behind it.

When I created my account in the summer of 2011, I used the pen name “sacerdotus” based on what I read on Solanus Casey. According to what I had read, “Sacerdotus” was an old title used to designate seminarians, novices or those who are not ordained but are merely “minor priests” or “students.”

This does not mean that every instance of “Sacerdotus” is me.  Naturally, others probably use the same name such as in the case on Youtube where someone is using it to post videos about racing. This would eventually lead to blog posts claiming I am linked to every one on the internet who may have used “sacerdotus” as a screen name and what not.

Furthermore, my first 20 or so tweets on Twitter were prayer intentions and quotes. I was not aware of the mentions feature at first. When I learned of it, I was appalled at the vulgarity and hate I received. To each of my tweets, atheists, pro-abortion supporters, LGBT advocates replied with atrocities. “Rosa Rubicondior” was one who replied to one of my tweets in a inquisitive manner at first.

We exchanged for a bit on twitter and then out of nowhere, “Rosa Rubicondior” became rude and blocked me. I ignored it at first until I noticed that “Rosa Rubicondior” continued messaging me while having me blocked. I could not reply. I then did some research on the atheism hash tag and found that “Rosa Rubicondior” was very active. He tweeted his links and requested donations supposedly for charity. I also noticed that he had a blog and I took a look at it. The blog posts were extremely offensive and demonstrated a science illiteracy unlike anything I have seen before.

I picked a few that seemed interesting and gave a critique on them since I have a science background. News of this reached “Rosa Rubicondior” and he saw it as some sort of competition or challenge. When I started to notice that atheists on twitter were flocking to me. I decided to make the rationallyfaithful.blogspot.com blog to use as a channel for dialog solely for atheists and agnostics. Since “Rosa Rubicondior” presented himself as the leader of twitter atheists and atheists looked to him as their “magesterium” of sorts, I invited him to a debate. He accepted and I thought we would have a great time doing it. Unfortunately, “Rosa Rubicondior” began to claim victory without even posting an opening statement. He insisted that I gave up and was afraid to debate him. This behavior bothered me because it is not normal.

I then realized that this “rosa rubicondior” was nothing more than a caricature account. A comical account pretending to be representative of atheism. In light of this, I made a video showing the debate and “Rosa Rubicondior’s stalling tactics. Atheists and others laughed at it and were shocked at “Rosa Rubicondior’s” distraction techniques. This angered him and he began a campaign to get me suspended, as well as clergy and religious. I too documented this in another video made to poke fun at this comical account since I did not take it seriously.

“Rosa Rubicondior” then began to claim that anyone who talked to me was me. It was just madness! Things calmed down until March 2013 where “Rosa Rubicondior” began to make a blog post claiming I was some high school kid that got kicked out of a seminary that does not even exist. On top of that, anyone that followed me or mentioned me were messaged by “Rosa Rubicondior” in an attempt to discredit me. I had to take action and documented every thing. Others documented “Rosa Rubicondior’s” messages as well, including the abuse they received themselves. All of this was presented to Twitter directly and they suspended “Rosa Rubicondior” around late May/June. “Rosa Rubicondior” denied it because the suspension was a brief warning.

These are just some (from thousands) of the tweets documented and shown to Twitter.  Remember, many others (Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Hindus, Atheists) documented their own experiences with “Rosa Rubicondior.”









Instead of learning from this suspension, “Rosa Rubicondior” continued harassing and defaming me and others. This time, Twitter suspended him without warning.  He could not come back and made another screen name which was suspended as well.

He messaged me with it and blocked as usual.  I was not aware of his suspension until he messaged me with this new screen name.  When I saw it, I got curious because the photo of the “old lady” seemed familiar and then I realized it was him after his “Rosa Rubicondior” said “suspended” when I clicked on it.

His atheist flock is scattered now and angry at me claiming I am a coward and am the abuser despite my blogs showing her very own abusive tweets embedded using HTML as well as screen captures that I added to videos I made.

I complained to Twitter and told them they would retaliate and that twitter has to monitor every atheist that mentions me so they can know who to suspend.   They are also looking for any new accounts “Rosa Rubicondior” may make.

So this is basically what has been going on. In regards to my taunts of the suspension. The reason why I did this was to draw the attention of atheist trolls so twitter can see who they are and suspend them as well. It was a bait tactic.

I knew that by “gloating,” this would enrage twitter trolls and they would be forced to come out of their “caves” and present themselves as they really are so twitter could monitor them and document their abuse.

Let me be clear that this was one of my last options. I did try to mediate things with “Rosa Rubicondior” behind the scenes by asking another atheist to mediate. “Rosa Rubicondior’s” response was basically “no” and promised to continue harassing me and others.

Here is the email I sent to an atheist asking him to mediate:

"I have a blog post which I am about to post publicly that explains the
abuse Rubicondior is demonstrating with that minor as well as other

According to my research, no such kid exists in the Bronx school
mentioned.  Furthermore, St. Joseph's seminary never had anyone with that
name, neither the Franciscans.

I do not know where Rubicondior got this information from, but it is
bogus.  Since you are friendly with Rubicondior, can you request that all
twitter, blog posts, comments and mentions of this child be removed?  I
will remove blog posts relating to Rubicondior's abuse as well.

If not, I will have to post what I wrote which will seriously affect
Rubicondior and those involved.  It will cause trouble with Rubicondior's
employment and other aspects of life.

I'm trying to be nice here.  If Rubicondior dislikes me, Rubicondior
should take it out on me, not some random kid.


The atheist replied:

"Give me some time to speak with her, I'll respond after conversing with
> her."
I replied:

"Thanks.  I don't know how all of this got to this point.  All I wanted to
have was a debate and Rosa took this too far.  But I think another guy
gave her this information.

I don't care if she writes a blog about me like that shogun guy did, but
why put a kid in the middle who has no fault?"
The atheist gave "Rosa Rubicondior's" response which basically said, no go 
ahead post the blog 

"She said feel free to post your blog page."

I posted comments on “Rosa Rubicondior’s ” blog, but he did not post them.   I had no other choice that to bring him down hard on Twitter and will subpoena Google to erase his blog for good as well as any other blogs mentioning me. Depending on what happens afterwards, I will press charges against him via the United Kingdom’s court system.