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Atheism on the Decline


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Atheism is on the decline, according to a new study.  The study conducted by the Center for the Study of Global Christianity in Massachusetts has demonstrated that Christianity is replacing atheism in places where atheism has be thought to be increasing.

This comes to no surprise.  Atheism does not have the credentials needed in order to be rationally accepted by the educated person.  It proposes the non-existence of God without supplanting that claim with evidence – something they constantly request of theists.

Atheist leaders such as Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris must start pressing the ‘panic button.’  The “Militant Atheism” agenda is nothing but a movement based on propaganda, emotivism and ignorance.  We all are hardwired for belief in God.  There is no way around this biological fact.  Atheists exist because they willingly refuse to acknowledge the existence of God and the supernatural.

I wrote about the rates of atheism in comparison with religion in these two posts:



Atheists on Twitter are also on the decline especially after I had Twitter troll and abusive atheist “Rosa Rubicondior” removed.  Hopefully Twitter will now become a more civil place.

The cry that “atheism is growing” is nothing but propaganda.  Religon is here and will not go anywhere but up in numbers.

Over 3 million pack Copacobana beach for WYD 2013

This week, the Catholic Church had its World Youth day which is a series of days celebrating the Faith in Christ Jesus in a way that is geared towards the youth.

This year’s World Youth Day was held in Brazil and nearly broke the record with over 3 million participants.  Imagine, 3 million young people gathering in undesirable local conditions just to hear the Gospel being preached by an elderly man called the “Pope.”

He is not performing tricks, or dancing.  He is not singing in a boy band or rapping; he is preaching the Gospel via words and example.  No musician can ever gather the crowds that Christ gathers before His Vicar on Earth, the Pope.

Science, Theology and Philosophy are killing atheism.  As Schroeder wrote: “The relationship between early modern atheism and science tended to embarrass rather than strengthen the fledgling atheism’s case.”

Atheism only attracts those who are attracted to bad behavior. Some psychologists call this the

“Reason Rally” in Wash. DC, 2012; only a few hundred attended

“Misfit syndrome.”  Remember in elementary school; there was always that kid that had to be naughty for some reason?

Remember that he/she found pleasure in bullying, asking the teacher stupid questions or making smart remarks?

Well, this is the typical atheist of today.  They are adults with this kind of  naughty child’s mentality.

Let us continue fighting on and not be afraid to challenge atheism head on.






  1. With the Pope now visiting Brazil, stories are again surfacing about the bizarre associations between the Catholic Church and Brazil’s own controversial quack faith healer ‘john of god’

  2. GP says:

    I am not a bad person, and I didn’t “decide” to not believe. Most people who know me in the face to face world would not classify me as you have – if you knew me, you would probably say I was nice too, even though I do not believe there is a deity of any kind in existence.


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