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Atheists in my Lab


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“I will put my law in their minds
and write it on their hearts. Jeremiah 31:33 



After I took down the atheist caricature Twitter troll “Rosa Rubicondior,” I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon. Atheists began to admonish me for it and for my “gloating.” They used the terms, “how Christian of you,” “God is watching,” etc; to somehow put a guilt trip on me. This is interesting because these are individuals who do not believe in God, mock the Bible and Christianity as “Bronze Age superstition” with “outdated” morals.


See some of the Tweets I got:


@Sacerdotus @jprose How very Christian. & you think #atheists don’t have standards. Diplomacy @Hack_th3_plan3t @danarel @twitter

— Twiggy (uk) (@twittwootwiggy) July 26, 2013



@Toupsfamily Christ commanded to only Love-a Christian follows Christ’s commands or not a Christian.how can you follow…@Sacerdotus

— Godz Antagonist (@Godz_Antagonist) July 26, 2013



@pianocake Apparently a ‘good’ Christian named @sacerdotus organised it @RosaRubicondior @twitter @gentley1300 @BenMosley @REnlightenment

— Godfrey Freeman (@dawkinsassange) July 26, 2013



@Sacerdotus @RosaRubicondior @thedavewhaley how very Christian of you.

— Alan Dempsey (@alanvsworld) July 26, 2013



. Seems @Sacerdotus is giving #catholics a bad name again #atheist #atheism #atheistrollcall #christian #jesustweeters

— godless_gardener (@gentley1300) July 24, 2013



@Sacerdotus your god is watching u

— Blue (@Bluemeanie72) July 25, 2013



@Sacerdotus well i think u are being dishonest, and i think ur god will too

— Blue (@Bluemeanie72) July 25, 2013




The question I ask is: 


 If Christianity is “superstition” and has “outdated” morals, then why are you applying them on my online behavior if you do not care for those morals and ideologies?


The truth of the matter here is that these atheists are demonstrating cognitive dissonance. They cannot strictly adhere to one set of values and a particular ideology, but instead blend variations found in society to suit their needs or current circumstance. This appears to be a cognitive and social defense mechanism of sorts.


Think about it: 


 If Atheists do not care for Christianity and its values and morals, then why be so concerned about my public display of jubilation? Why adhere and give credence to those Christian ideas that they reject in this circumstance? If anything, they should be approving of my display and not admonish me for it since they do not care for Christian morals and right conduct.  


This cognitive dissonance is the weak spot in the atheist. It is from here that Christians can open a hole to the atheist’s heart and mind so he/she can accept God. If he/she is criticizing you as if he/she were a Christian, then the seed is already in them. Jeremiah 31:33‘ words are alive in them already.  Our job is to water it.  God’s sun rays (grace) will take care of the rest.



  1. Bob Jones says:

    Interesting: Your cognitive dissonance becomes their cognitive dissonance.

    Regardless of whether or not you ‘scored a point’ on them or not, and regardless of whether it’s logical to point out someone else’s cognitive dissonance having ‘lost’ a point, the bible I’ve read quite clearly rails against arrogance, piety, self-righteousness, etc.

    You readily admit that you were gloating for your perceived ‘win.’ You were therefore sinning. I suppose that’s okay under Protestant–at least–rules because you’re saved and therefore have carte blanche to eat shellfish, be gluttonous, get fat, covet material wealth, judge in God’s absence, etc. It is, however, a sign of YOUR cognitive dissonance.

    Your interpretation of their reaction is also self-servingly unfavorable. They were clearly being sarcastic. If they possessed any cognitive dissonance it would be to say they’re rational while attempting to use your cognitive dissonance as a tool of manipulation.

    • Sacerdotus says:

      You are inferring what is not there. I mention “gloating” because this is the word they used. Notice that also put the word in quotations to show that I am quoting them and am not stating that I was in fact gloating. I was not gloating nor arrogant. Instead, I was baiting atheists so twitter can see who are the abusive ones. There was no sarcasm involved because they really did get hurt by the suspension of the infamous atheist troll “rosa rubicondior.” You can tell this by their persistence in retaliating and also complaining to clergy and other Catholic on my twitter profile. The whole scenario is indeed interesting and shows that despite being atheists, they adhere to Christian values – the same ones that they mock.

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