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Anthony Weiner is at it again.  He had resigned from Congress after it was revealed that he was “Sexting” with other women.  


“Sexting” is when people take lewd photos of themselves with cell phones and send them to other parties.  Weiner sent pictures of himself to younger women, embarrassing himself and his wife Huma.  At first he claimed that someone hacked his account, but later confessed to being the sender.


He left public eye for some time only to resurface again as a mayoral candidate for the city of New York.  Ironically, despite the scandal, he was leading in the polls, even ahead of Councilwoman Christine Quinn.  


Today, Weiner confessed once again to sexting right after stepping down from Congress.  Again, his wife Huma was left feeling awkward and betrayed.  He used the pseudonym “Carlos Danger” to conduct this bad behavior. 


It seems that Weiner has a compulsive behavior problem.  He is addicted to the reward that he gets from sexting with others.  The entire phenomenon of sexting is strange indeed.  It seems that people who sext shut off their conscience and reasoning skills.  They seem to not be aware that they are exposing their intimate parts to the entire world.  These photographs will last forever online and will do serious harm to one’s reputation.


Anthony Weiner has to step down once again.  He is not fit to be a leader.  This man is obviously suffering from mental illness and he needs to get immediate attention.     














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