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Trayvon Protests

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Hours after George Zimmerman was found not guilty for manslaughter, thousands of protesters have taken to the streets in many cities around the United States.  They are crying foul.  To them, the verdict should have been guilty.  They are basing this on the idea that race was involved.  


Unfortunately, there is a social stigma that seems to follow African Americans.  They seem to be the target of injustice and abuse.  Those who fight for civil rights such as, Al Sharpton claim that Blacks are not given justice.  When they are killed, their killers are freed.


Al Sharpton is no stranger to controversy.  He is known for race baiting and seems to be present almost instantaneously whenever an African American is abused or killed by a member of another race and there is media attention around the incident.  Prior to the verdict, Sharpton has been inciting riots by claiming that Trayvon was being denied justice because of the color of his skin. The media as well has played a role in race being the issue during the trial.  They began to air reports claiming that Zimmerman was profiling Trayvon for wearing a hoodie and for being Black.  The media fed the people this lie and those who are gullible believed it and are now unhappy with our judicial system.


According to the 911 tapes, Zimmerman never describe Trayvon as Black until the operator asked him the race of the one he spotted in the neighborhood.  Trayvon was not profiled based on the evidence.  The media was wrong in presenting this to the public.  Moreover, Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have to stop race baiting. America has come far in erasing prejudice from our way of life and opening old woulds will not help.


Thousands are protesting throughout the United States ignoring President Obama’s call for calm and reflection.  In California, a police car was vandalized, in New York protestors disrupted traffic and in other cities, vandalism has been reported.  In Baltimore, a Hispanic man was beaten by a group of black men as they shouted, “this is for Trayvon.” 

All this violence is on the hands of Sharpton, Jackson and the media.  People who are upset at the verdict must understand how our system works.  Zimmerman was judged by a jury of his peers.  They observed the evidence and found him not guilty because the evidence indicated that the whole incident was based on self-defense.  There was no evidence that Zimmerman was out to kill black boys.   


In Chicago, a 16 year old African American boy was killed by another African American for not joining a gang.  The media is silent on this.  Sharpton and company are no where to be found.  This double standard is troubling to say the least.


Sharpton and Jackson claim to be “reverends,” but would Christ race bait?  Would Christ call for division?  Furthermore, Trayvon’s parents have to speak out and call on peace and calm. I called on Sharpton and Trayvon’s father to promote peace and calm.  May God bring peace to all and may we all be tolerant of one another.  




I am sorry for your loss.But you must call on Sharpton and all to forgive. Bad decisions were made by all involved. @BTraymartin9 #nojustice

— Sacerdotus (@Sacerdotus) July 14, 2013





Would Christ incite racial tension and riots? You need to call all to unity, not division. @TheRevAl

— Sacerdotus (@Sacerdotus) July 16, 2013



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