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Atheism Dilemma V


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@Sacerdotus our senses are limited but our understanding of reality is far better thanks to science not #faith @RosaRubicondior

— OpenMind (@MyOpenMind101) July 13, 2013

@logos712 Do you believe your beliefs create reality, including gods, maybe? #Atheism @MyOpenMind101 @Sacerdotus

— Rosa Rubicondior (@RosaRubicondior) July 12, 2013

@StevieBryant @Sacerdotus dude you’ve been discussing reality with someone who believes in fairies and magic Jesus .. Big fail!

— Al Prezidente (@alprezidente) July 12, 2013

@Sacerdotus Oh ye of too much faith! Blind faith has lead you off the cliff of reality. #atheism

— D (@42zombieslayer) July 10, 2013

@MnemoniXs Obviously Creotard Christians are just angry with reality, or maybe Zeus. #Atheism #Sanity @wizardoftodd @Sacerdotus

— Rosa Rubicondior (@RosaRubicondior) June 5, 2013

As you read the uneducated tweets above from so-called “atheists,” did you notice the trend?  They all mention “reality.”

Atheists often bring up the word in an attempt to mock believers by claiming that they (atheists) hold the true perception of reality, while believers live in a “fantasy” world.  To them, Christians are “delusional.” They worship a “fictitious being” a “sky fairy,” while the atheist is in the “real world” made of material that can be perceived by the senses and examined via the scientific method.

There is a big dilemma here that these atheists above and all others have:

Reality is not what they think it is.

The world we perceive, the universe we see and send satellites and telescopes to study is not as it seems.  The water you shower in, the food you eat, the people you hug and kiss; each are not what they seem.  What do I mean by this?

Well, we all are made up of atoms. Atoms are mostly empty space with a nucleus in the middle which is very small.  Think of it as a stadium representing an atom and a baseball in the middle representing the nucleus.  This is how an atom basically is structured.

The shell of the atom is created by electrons spinning around the atom protecting it with an electromagnetic field, just like a stadium has a circular wall.  Without this electromagnetic field, atoms would touch each other and will annihilate one another.  In other words, everything that we know to exist would explode instantly if we did not have these electrons generating this field and preventing the atoms from touching.

Here is where it gets even more weird.

We are not Solid and Touch is an illusion:

Since we are mostly space, how come we don’t pass through each other like “ghosts?”  Why are we “solid?” Well the answer is simple and mind blowing at the same time.  We are not solid. Solidity is an illusion.  What we perceive as solid are the electromagnetic fields repelling one another.  In other words, when atoms bump into each other via the electromagnetic field, that “bump” is caused by the repulsion or the coulomb repulsion. This repulsion is what we perceive as “solid” or touch. Depending how strong the force around the atom is determines whether or not the material we are “touching” is hard or soft, liquid or gas, etc.  The field around liquid or softer material is weaken, so this is why our fingers can enter easily in water and why we can crumble snow in our hands.  The field around metal or a rock is stronger, this is why we cannot easily press into them.

Think of it as having two magnets with differ poles.  When you try to put the magnets together, they repel each other. You can feel something pushing both magnets apart or away from each other.  This same force is what we perceive every time we “touch” something. However, in reality, we are NOT touching anything, just like the two magnets are not “touching.” We are perceiving the force around atoms. Each electron releases a differ charge and these charges tell our senses what it is we are “touching.”  Our brains are pretty much left to figure out on its own what it is we are actually perceiving, nothing is exact.

The Lying Brain


As a matter of fact, when you touch your nose you seem to feel your finger touching your nose and your nose touching your finger right?  Wrong! There is actually a difference between the time it takes for a signal from your finger to reach your brain and the time it takes for a signal from the skin on your nose to reach the brain. Since the nose is closer the brain, the signal reaches the brain almost instantly.

However, when pertaining to your finger and the brain, the signal takes longer.  So how is it that we don’t notice the delay in sensation?  Well, our brains lie to us!  Our brains compensate for the time difference by telling us that both signals are coming in at the same time allowing us to perceive that the nose and finger are touching at the same time.

Moreover, if you are sitting right now, you really are not. You are actually hovering over the chair one Angstrom or 10 ^-8 centimeters. Your rear end seems to be touching the chair, but it is not. What you “feel” is the repulsion of the electrons that make up the chair and the electrons that make up your clothing and buttocks.

Here comes the scary part.


We have a lonely existence:

We basically are trapped in a field of electrons and live a lonely existence never touching anything.  You may think that you are touching things, but in fact you never are. A hug from mom and dad feels great; or perhaps, that first kiss from your significant other, well, it never happened in the way you think it did.  You have never touched them.

That “great sex” you think you had was just an illusion – a bunch of forces repelling each other.  All you perceived are force fields which your brain told you were “hugs” or “kisses.” All we have are fields and our brains telling us what it thinks those fields are.  This is what we call “reality.”



Reality is pretty much what the brain tells us it thinks it is.  We have to have faith in this information and trust it to be in fact, “reality.”  For all we know, we could be just a brain in a vat, or hooked up to a computer which feeds us “reality” like in the movie, “The Matrix.”

We can never know for sure what “reality” is.  An atheist tweeted above that, “our senses are limited but our understanding of reality is far better thanks to science…” well there is a problem with this. Science is subject to our senses.  It is not independent of nature nor is it a conscious entity that bypasses nature. Science is processed via our senses.  We “touch” and “taste” samples, “smell” them, we “see” through microscopes or telescopes, we “hear” sounds and try to figure them out.

See the problem here?

All this information is processed via our senses and in the brain.  So this atheist’s claim that “our understanding of reality is far better thanks to science” is not correct.

Star Trek’s “holodeck” which gives the illusion of reality using force fields

Next time an atheist tells you that you believe in “fairy tales” or that they are the sole dwellers of”reality,” remind them this physics lesson.

Physics in a way confirms “Solipsism” or the philosophical idea that our brains are all that exist and that “reality” is what the mind makes of it.

In “reality” (no pun intended), atheists live in a “fairy tale” of the mind along with everyone else.  The “reality” they are so fond of is really a bunch of electromagnetic fields in empty space repelling each other leaving the brain to interpret what each field is while at the same time giving the illusion that things are solid.

This begs the question: does reality really exist, or is it an illusion?

For all we know it could be a computer simulation like in the Star Trek “holodeck” where force fields are charged in a specific way in order to give the appearance of different kinds of matter. This is basically what “reality” is – a bunch of force fields structured in distinct ways in order to present what we perceive as “reality.”

Any atheist that cites “reality” in an attempt to discredit faith does not understand science.  The tweets above demonstrate the scientific illiteracy of atheists who speak without knowing.

Claiming to be “in reality” and that believers rely on “blind faith” is a false dichotomy.  The truth of the matter is that the atheist him/herself is relying on “blind faith” when perceiving and accepting what he/she thinks is reality.  Here lies another dilemma in atheism.

These are actual atoms. Notice they do not touch.


  1. You are confusing science with “believing everything your senses tell you”. And the whole touch thing is pointless – what you describe is the DEFINITION of touch and not somehow a point that touching does not exist, because no atheist worth his salt claims that touching has to be act of reducing the space between two atoms to zero. Only you do. In other words… Nice straw man argument here.

    • Sacerdotus says:

      Reread the post. You did not understand that the senses do not perceive actual things. We have faith in our nervous system and how it interprets stimuli and hope they are accurate. There is no certainty. Similarly, believers in God do not directly perceive God but have faith in Him nonetheless. Touch is an illusion. The strawman rests on you.

      • The fact, that there is a 100% sceptical philosophical position, does not make god any more likely. That’s a fallacy. Some nonsense doesn’t become likely just because, in the end, you cannot be really 100% sure about reality. It’s not a get-out-of-delusion-free card for religion, sorry.

      • Sacerdotus says:

        The post does not deal with God silly. It deals with perception and what is reality. Atheists claim that believers live in a “fairy tale” by believing or relying on faith. However, science has demonstrated that WE ALL rely on faith in our senses in regards to perception of what we think is reality. There is not way to truly confirm what “reality” is. We take it on faith. The word “delusion” can apply to all who use senses. By denying science in your comments, you are being delusional yourself.

      • Thinking of something that can be tested, etc. as true is just a whole magnitude better than taking something on faith that cannot be tested just because someone said so. So, while you are technically right – theoretically, we can’t know anything – realistically, there are many, many different levels of skepticism – and the idea, that the world can be understood with our senses (and tests, etc.) is pretty much better than the idea some guy pulled out from thin air.

      • Sacerdotus says:

        There is no way to test anything accurately because we never touch anything. We don’t perceive things as they really are. WE rely on Faith by trusting that our brains are processing what we think reality is. Relying on science is no different than relying on the idea that a Creator made everything. Science is subject to the senses so it becomes wishful thinking based on our limitations. The idea that a Creator created everything with set parameters makes more sense because the complexity of what we perceive as reality can only come about via intelligence.

      • Of course it is different. If you don’t believe in your senses at all, NOTHING makes sense – religion also doesn’t, because for all you know, Jesus was a little fruit pie. So, only insanity lies down that road. You may walk it, if you want, but as soon as you go the other way – which you have to, if you want religion to makes sense – science automatically becomes the better alternative.

      • Sacerdotus says:

        “If you don’t believe in your sense at all.” Interesting. You used the word, “believe.” 🙂 You have agreed with my post. Religion makes sense because it deals with what is outside of “nature.” It deals with the “what is beyond the force fields.. etc. Is this not what we all want to know?

      • Yes, we all want to know. But no, we don’t all want to hear what some random guy invented without any basis whatsoever. That’s not an answer, that’s fiction. So, I personally choose to trust my senses at least a little bit and accept science instead of taking some random stuff.

      • Sacerdotus says:

        That idea doesn’t apply to all. One 2 religions can claim that the guy who came with the information was not of this world. Only one guy actually bent the laws of this universe and continues to do so in the lives of billions. This is why this religion is so popular, whereas, atheism can barely tip the scale.

      • No, EVERYONE can claim that. It’s easy. There are dozens of people out there who think they’re god, the son of god, etc. That’s not hard. That’s easy. The hard part is to prove it – and as of yet, everyone failed there miserably. Christianity, for example, had 2.000 years to find a perfect proof – and failed. The only thing that keeps Christianity going is inertia, not truth.

      • Sacerdotus says:

        No, not every one can claim this, that is why not all religions are successful. A product only sells when it actually works. When you have different religions professing different ideas and they don’t work, then no mind will be paid to them unless there is cultural attachment to them. However, if the ideas work and are truthful, then people will buy into them. People can call themselves the Son of God, but with that title comes the requirements which must be met. If one does not meet them, then one is a charlatan. Christ met those requirements and now His religion is the largest and most powerful on Earth. Christianity has not failed. For over 2000 years it has offered proof and has its miracles as supplement. Hence, this is why it is so popular and remains the dominant force on Earth. I dare you tell a Christian who has experienced God’s power that God does not exist. Your position is weak and dissipates as one matures and realizes that it is fallacious.

      • Who told you that nonsense? Dozens of sellers of snake oil can testify otherwise. Glas pearls sell like crazy if you claim it’s loaded with “Tachyons” to people with more need for spirituality than brain. A product does not have to work to sell. An idea does not have to be true to find people who believe in it.

        And I always hear about this “proof” – just always when I ask, nobody can provide it. Seems to be quite easy to misplace, that proof. And miracles? Please, show me an example where god healed an amputee? Not one? Strange, always the miracles occur in ways that can be explained otherwise, too. How… mysterious.

      • Sacerdotus says:

        Snake oil and glass pearls do not bend the laws of nature. This is where your propose a non-sequitur. The product sells if it works and continues to offer benefits. If a product does not work, it will be returned. The function of a product is important for it to have value and the ability to sell. The proof is there and I am working on a series of blog post highlighting specific ways to prove God. I have a post regarding the healing of amputees. Seek and you shall find. It is funny that you are requesting proof despite the knowledge that the universe we exist in might be a complete illusion. If this is so, then proof really is worthless because it is part of that illusion. The question that would remain would be, who is the one with the smoke an mirrors in the cosmic realm?

      • Nothing bends the laws of nature. You just claim that something does. As long as you don’t prove that claim, it’s worthless – as much worth as every claim of every god-wannabe.
        And if the universe is a complete illusion, then your faith is, too. Just an illusion, a cruel joke of something that perhaps has NOTHING to do with “god”, but is so completely different that you can’t even imagine it.

      • Sacerdotus says:

        Miracles bend the laws of nature, this is why scientists cannot explain them. I invite you to do research on this. Claims can be proven all the time; howver, if others shut their minds to the evidence, then the problem rests with the latter not the former. This is when denial comes into play. If the universe is an illusion, faith cannot be the same because it is via faith that we accept the universe’s condition as it is. We cannot study it beyond our senses so we have to accept the information we receive via faith. Nothing can be confirmed 100%.

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