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Texas Abortion law


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Things are heating up in Texas and I don’t mean weather-wise.  The Texas house passed one of the most pro-life laws ever and it is causing an uproar.  Democrats and Feminists are crying out, “woman oppression!”

They feel that the GOP is governing their bodies, and to them, this is an attack against all women.  The law will ban abortions past the 20th week of gestation and will add other stipulations.

Democrats have vowed to delay the law and now senator Wendy Davis has begun a filibuster for that very purpose.  She has delayed the vote for over 10 hours and is imitating Paul Rand’s filibuster a few months ago.  Davis has become an overnight celebrity of sorts with feminists and those who are liberal.  She has been trending for quite some time on twitter.

Wendy Davis has already broken rules regarding filibustering, and her charade is quickly coming to an end.  She went off topic a few times, and even stopped to put on a back brace.

What’s disturbing is that a large number of feminists crowded the chambers and began to cheer.  This push for the murder of unborn children is just sickening.  Who can cheer in support of this?

Do these people know anything about embryology or biology?  The unborn offspring of a human female IS A HUMAN BEING!







UPDATE *** June 26, 2012


Wendy Davis as well as the roaring of a crowd of feminists delayed the vote.  As a result, the bill could not be passed.  However, Governor Perry has stated that he will call a special session so that the bill can pass.  It is not over yet.






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