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NYC Libraries Saved!


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Thank you for showing your support for NYC’s library system by contacting law officials and demanding them to provide funding for libraries.  This year’s budget would have been disastrous if it included cuts to libraries, fire houses and other institutions that are needed in NYC.  As I wrote in my previous blog here: http://www.sacerdotus.com/2013/05/help-nypl.html, the library was a very important part of my life as a student in NYC and continues to be an important part when I visit the city and stop by in order to do do research or pick up books.

Many students rely on the library in order to have a place to read, do research, study and learn.  The library provides many activities for people of all ages for free.  It would have been a tragedy if the cuts were to pass and libraries would have had to close and those that remained open would have had to cut down operation hours.

NYC needs politicians that can better manage the people’s money.  Instead of wasting money on LGBT “pride month” activities which only serve that community, monies should go for the common good.  I am concerned if lesbian candidate Quinn wins the mayoral election.  Rest assured that she will focus more on the LGBT’s wants, instead of all New Yorkers.





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