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St. Joseph unforgotten?


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Good news from Rome!

Pope Francis has just given the order that St. Joseph be included in Eucharistic prayers II, III and IV.  Blessed John XXIII had inserted the mention of St. Joseph in Eucharistic prayer I, commonly known as the Roman Canon.


St. Joseph is the patron saint of the Catholic Church since 1870.  He is also the patron saint of the dying, workers, fathers, carpenters.  Some consider him the “forgotten” saint because hardly any mention is given to him despite his importance in Christianity.


Well it seems that he is being unforgotten.  Instead of having him mentioned only in the Roman Canon, he will be included in all Eucharistic prayers.  This is great news indeed!  In today’s world where the family and marriage are under attack, we need St. Joseph’s prayers and his example.  His importance in the Church must be taught to all.  I hope catechists and priests dedicate more time on St. Joseph in classes and during homilies.  May he be unforgotten!

Fr. Z I think broke the news on the Catholic blogosphere this week and did a good job providing more details on how the mention of St. Joseph will be worded.  The USCCB already sent the decree that the mention of St. Joseph must be done immediately.



Here is a pray to St. Joseph by Blessed John XXII:

O glorious Saint Joseph,
remind all who work
that they are not alone
in their labor, their joy
or their sufferings,
because Jesus is by our side,
with Mary, his mother and ours,
supporting them,

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