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Atheism is a Fraud II


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This is my second installment to my “Atheism is a Fraud” post.  In this series, I will write on different aspects of atheism that classify it as a fraudulent philosophy/religion.

Atheists often classify themselves as humanists.  They are all for human rights whenever they are challenged; however, they disregard the rights of unborn human beings.

It is very rare to find a pro-life atheist.  Most are pro-abortion and hide behind the radical feminist rhetoric that places strange ideas before scientific ones.  They fight for “gay rights,” in particular, the right to marriage and completely disregard that other relationships such as polygamists want those same rights.

Can you say hypocrisy?  How can you be FOR one thing and disregard similar ones?

Moreover, they criticize religion, in particular the Catholic Church for its apparent wealth. They claim that Popes etc, live lavish lives while children in Africa and elsewhere die of starvation.  Some even post photos of this with Pope Benedict XVI on a golden prop throne and on the side of that photo is a photo of children dying of starvation.  The intention of this photo is to give the impression that the Pope is a hypocrite.

They do not understand that the Papacy is a dignified ministry.  The ordained man elected to be St. Peter’s successor and Vicar of Christ holds an extremely important role in the world.  The vestments and other things used are visual reminders of this dignity.  They are not meant to show a particular Pope’s wealth.  The Pope does not make use of these things to show his personal wealth.  In reality, the Pope does not have a salary and does not own any bank accounts.  His needs are taken care of by the Church.  All the “expensive” looking items are meant to represent the importance and dignity of his ministry.  Pope Francis is reminding us that these items are meant to glorify God and not the Pope.

It is funny that the Pope is attacked for this, yet monarchs like Queen Elizabeth who have a net worth of over a billion dollars are not.  The Queen possesses expensive jewels and property that are really not necessary in today’s modern age.  I personally side with Thomas Paine who criticized monarchies in his masterpiece “Common Sense.”  There is really no point to having a queen or king.  I do not understand why the British can sit back while this lady assumes this position over them and gets paid by them.  Atheists in the United Kingdom never make any mention of the Queen’s wealth and how it can help the poor in British territories.  Elizabeth’s crown alone can feed thousands if sold.  With all due respect to my British friends, the Queen is really a mascot and having her in that position is absurd.

It makes no sense to attack the Pope who actually does help the poor and not criticize monarchs who are not known for doing anything significantly charitable.  Moreover, the Catholic Church is the largest charity on the globe.  No other organization does more than the Catholic Church.  Nations, even the United States of America would have a difficult time if the Catholic Church did not exist within its borders providing services that help others.  Catholics are required to do charitable works.  Protestants often criticize the Catholic focus on “works,” but they do not realize how important works are in fulfilling the command of Christ to ‘love one another.’

Ironically, there are no atheist organizations that solely focus on charity.  Atheists may show you links to organizations such as “Doctors without borders” and the like; however, these organizations are not atheism centered.  There is no atheist “red cross” or anything similar.  Yet, there are millions of charities from the Catholic Church as well as organizations run by Protestants.

Atheism is a fraud for criticizing the Church for its appearance of wealth while knowing that the Church is the largest charitable organization; yet do not account for the lack of atheist centered charitable organizations.  According to Harvard professor Robert Putnam, atheists are less charitable than religious people.


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