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Gays Attacked in New York City

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Recently, for the past month or so, gay men have been targeted in New York City.  One gay man, Mark Carson was shot to death as he walked with a partner near the Stonewall inn, the spot where the Gay rights movement began.  Others have been beaten severely after being verbally abused by being called homosexual derogatory terms.  The incidents and their timing are of concern to city officials, gay rights leaders and all New Yorkers including myself.

This is extremely disturbing to hear.  I am not in favor of the Homosexual lifestyle nor am I for Gay rights in regards to marriage and adoption; however, I am for the Homosexual person.  I respect and love the individual as I would anyone else of any gender, race or religious persuasion.  Regardless of how we live our lives, we all deserve to live them peacefully and without hate.

Unfortunately, many gays are attacked or abused on streets and elsewhere and these incidents are

not reported.  The same occurs with women who are sexually harassed.  This has to stop.  Any incident that makes one feel uncomfortable or is a clear violation of the law must be reported in detail to the police.  There is nothing anyone should fear because the law is on their side.

Any person who attacks gay people because they are gay is full of anger and needs psychological and spiritual healing.  Moreover, if this person is hating based on religious ideas, then this person must be made aware that God is not about hate.  God is love.  God hates our sins and the stupid things we do that degrade our human dignity; however, He loves each one of us unconditionally.  Christ on the Cross proves this.  As Catholics, our lifestyle is to love others in Christ, this includes gay people.

We do not know the details of each attack, but must let investigators do their job and not jump to conclusions.  These attacks can be the result of “Gay panic.”  This is a term psychologists use when heterosexual men are confronted by gay men in a flirtatious or sexual manner and panic.

This panic can result in aggression because the heterosexual male feels that the gay male overstepped his boundaries and disrespected his masculinity.  Two cases of this comes to mind.  Years ago, on the “Jenny Jones” show, a gay man came on the show to reveal a crush he had on a heterosexual male.  The heterosexual male was brought on the show with the news that “someone” had a crush on him.

Believing it to be a female, he gladly and excitedly participated.  However, when the revelation was made that the crush was another male, this heterosexual male on the show seemed to take it in good stride, but looks can be deceiving.  After the show, he killed the homosexual man claiming he was embarrassed on nation television and made out to look like if he was gay.  Read more on it here: http://www.findadeath.com/Deceased/a/scottamedure/scott_amedure.htm

The other case was in Puerto Rico where a heterosexual Puerto Rican picked up a prostitute he believed to be a woman.  When the prostitute revealed himself to be a 19 year old transsexual, the heterosexual man killed him, decapitated him and set his remains on fire in an apparent rage.  You can read more here:  http://southfloridagaynews.com/articles/puerto-rican-pleads-guilty-in-decapitation-of-gay-teen/101172

In any case, violence is not the answer.  Heterosexual men must realize that sometimes they do not attract only females.  Today’s men’s fashion have clothing that are skin tight and will reveal curves and bumps that will most likely attract gay men.  Heterosexual males must realize this.  Modesty is important.  Gay men must also respect the fact that not every good looking guy can be approached and flirted with.  Some heterosexual men who are mature will most likely smile and say they are not gay and not make a big deal, others may not be so peaceful.

I pray that this wave of attacks ceases and that all peoples gay or not can walk the streets of New York or any place and not feel as if they will be a victim of hate or violence.







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